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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 2

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{????My Boss Demands????}

Episode 02.

{A job? Global Tech?}




I stand there frozen, my mouth opening and closing at certain intervals as his gaze fixed completely in me, not moving and I shift uncomfortably between my legs as I try to compose myself but nothing is working because I know how this would end anyways.

Before he had left, he’s always complaining of me been late to work and it isn’t really my fault, circumstances just seem to always occur and my house is far from this place so I had to wait up for the bus every damn single morning. I just got my car which had made it a lot more than easier and now, Ryan seems to be the reason this time.

“Mind telling me why you were just showing up when we finished the board meeting? ”
His voice is calm and that made me even more scared than I had been before.
Usually he would be yelling at me. Shouting while I just keep mute but this time he’s busy starring at me with his voice as calm as anything I’ve ever heard and that reminded me of the word that’s usually said : it’s calm before a storm.
This is exactly what he’s doing right now. He’s been calm before he totally punish me and I’m imagining what my punishment could be.

“I’m – I’m very sorry sir. I didn’t mean to be late to the board netting, a situation that I couldn’t avoid just came up. ”
I mutter, staring down at my feet like its the most interesting thing to do.

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“Of course, miss Pierce. Situations just seems to always occur whenever it’s time for you to show up at work
Couldn’t you have handled that situation last night? And did you just said late? You weren’t late Miss Pierce. You missed the entire whole meeting. I don’t know why you’re keen on doing this every single time of the day.
I do everything that’s needed for me to do before you can work effectively. I make sure that I pay you, I never owe you any money and I even increased your pay in the hope that that would motivate you to work harder but no, you’re hell bent on keeping on this attitude. I have gave you so many chances miss. I don’t think I can do it anymore, I’m not gonna allow you to bring down my company. I’m sorry but you’re sacked. ”
I just stare at him, not believing the words I’m hearing. No! He didn’t just sacked me! I can’t be sacked! I can’t! I must not be sacked.
How am I going to do it? Where do I start from?

“I know you have already gave me so many chances sir but please, I’m begging you to just give me few more chances. This would never repeat itself again, just please. ”
I beg, my hands trembling but the only thing he did is shake his head.

“I’m sorry, I can’t give out any more chances than I already did. ”
With that, he drops a envelope on the desk and I just stare at it, tears threatening to drip.

“That’s your pay for the month. Even though it isn’t yet completed, I think this should be done. Farewell Miss Pierce. ”
And with that, I know absolutely nothing could be done anymore.
I really got sacked.

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“What? How could he just decide to sack you because you were late to one board meeting? ”
Ryan says on the phone and I shake my head before sighing.

“To be sincere, I knew I deserved that sack thing. I mean, seriously this wouldn’t be the first time I would be late for something important and he’s constantly giving me many chances but I just can’t seem to meet up with something that’s expected of me. ”
I groan, shivering at the cold breeze that blew in before getting under the duvet.

“Well, do you think that you regretted staying when I had forced you to? ”
His tone is low which gives me the impression that he’s talking about the sex.

“No, I didn’t regret it. I would never regret that but it just hurts that I lost it you know. That was a very good job for me, less stress and more pay. ”
I groan again, face palming myself.

“I’m so sorry bout that babe but I believe that you would get another job anytime soon, I promise you. ”
I smile before nodding even though he can’t see me and we talked some more before he got off the phone.

I don’t know what to do now, where exactly would I get another job.

I heave in a deep breath before grabbing the remote and turning on the TV.

And the first thing that caught my eye is GLOBAL TECH.


Who’s thinking what I’m thinking?