February 3, 2023

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Billionaire In Disguise. Episode 4

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{ The crazy neighbor   }





Its been two weeks and I was back on my feet with the new name Michael Angelo Martinez.

I bought new pair of glasses to make me feet into this world if I really don’t wanna get spotted by anyone.

I took my file and walked downstairs all dressed up and ready to go in search of a job.

“Good morning mrs Anna, morning kent.” I mumbled all smiles and joined them at the diner.

“Morning kelvin or should I say Michael?” She teasingly said.

“Good morning man all set to go?’ Kent did our new mystery handshake.

Kent and I had become best buddies. Even though he told about his brother who had gone to jail.

“Yeah yeah am all set. I look great right?” I stretched forth my arms.

“Sure you look dashing my dear.” She compliments and I smiles.

I took a cheese burger and walked towards the exit in bit of a hurry.


“Hmm I must say your tactics is way too good but you know am at risk if it doesn’t work out right?” The manager of Wannabes coffee shop.

“Trust me on this sir if it doesn’t work on then feel free to fire me.” I smiled in though I never meant to say so.

“Great then you’re hired. Congratulations Mr  Michael Angelo.” He shook hands with me.

Finally i got the job. It took most of my knowledge in the firm to convince him.

“Thanks so when do I start?” I asked.

” how about now. Here’s your work clothes and ID card.”  He says and handed me my stuffs.

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“Thanks once I promise you ain’t gonna regret this sir.” I said and left with my stuffs.

First day as a coffee boy away from my wealth and family.

Maybe its not so bad I just have to make things work then find out who wants me dead all along.


Wonder mom and dad is doing at the moment.