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Billionaire In Disguise. Episode 30

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{ in love with my neighbor }



It was a beautiful Saturday morning and I was abit early today.

I quickly took a shower and got clad in casuals. Looks like an gonna skip breakfast, Kylie should be able to get something to get.


I stopped halfway downstairs when I persieved a wonderful aroma.

Went downstairs to the kitchen area only to make Kylie in aprons preparing breakfast

I stood there waiting her cook. I smiled to myself at how cute she looked in aprons.

“What do we have here?” I spoke and she turned to my direction .


“Oh hi.. Made pancakes wanna try?” She asked and I nodded and walked towards her.


She handed me a plate of pancakes and a glass of water

I took a tiny piece into my mouth. I stopped chewing and stared at her.


Wtf ! This pancakes taste better than any thing have tasted so far.

“Hey what’s wrong with you? The pancakes ain’t tasty?” She asked in concern.


“Are you kidding me? This pancakes taste better than any other have ever had .” I confessed and she blushes..

“Thanks for the compliment .” she smiled and went to what she was doing..


I ended up eating so much pancakes before getting filled.

F*ck!! I just realized I needed to be somewhere asap.

“ERM Kylie am just gonna step out for a brief while , be back before you know it ” I smiled sheepishly and she nodded in agreement.


I sat down waiting patiently for the package to arrive and it came just about time..

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He was dragged outta the car  blindfolded and naked.

He was placed before me by my boys and I ordered them to get rid of the blindfold. I want him to see me while he gets punished .

The look on his face was priceless when he saw me.


He was gagged and unable to speak

I bent over and slowly and ungaged him.

“Wow if it isn’t Kendrick . almighty Kendrick ” i smirked….


“What do you want from Me?” He said and I groan.

“That you’re about to find out “I said and signaled my boys to make him seat right in front of me ..


“Get the camera boys ” I commanded.

What he’s about to witness is gonna be epic.