April 15, 2024

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Billionaire In Disguise. Episode 24

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{ The crazy neighbor }


???????? KELVIN ????????

“Please please I wanna go on that ride please.” She tug on my sleeve like a two year old baby.


“Come on Kay that ride seem dangerous don’t you think?” I tried to get her mind off it..

“No its not. Please let’s just go on that one” she pouts.


“Oh okay fine you got me. Let’s go.” I surrendered to her demands.


She happily gave me a hug which meant so much to me.


“Thank you thank you.” She seem pretty happy than earlier.. Am glad I was able to change her mood..

We got on the joker’s ride which made me almost puke.

“Next time remain me never to listen to a word you say.” I chuckled and sluggishly walk away from the ride.


“Yeah!! That was fun. So what do we do next?” She tries to get her breath.

“How about we go seat over there and rest abit.” I suggested and she agreed.


We went over to a chair went for two and sat down. I ordered mineral water for two while resting..


“Really really had fun thanks so much Angel.” She smiled brightly. That smile that gladdens the heart.


“No thanks You ” I spoke and maintained eye contact with her..

“For what?’ Shr asked.


“For making the past fw days a memorable one for me.” I said seriously..

She smiled and played with her fingers.




We held hands like couples and walked around the streets enjoying the cool evening breeze.

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“So what was it like for your family to be against you?” I spoke and she scoffed.


” you its terrible. I miss my family so much but i know its no use anyways they probably don’t wanna see me anymore.” She rolled her eyes..

“You think?”

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