March 22, 2023

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Celebrity Boyfriend. Episode 5

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{A trip to Paris }



I watched over him till he fell her sleep, was able to put to bed with the held of the servant. I took off his shoes and changed his clothes before covering him properly with the duvet.

He loved her so much not to notice anyone. He doesn’t deserve such b*tch.

I help cleaned up his room and left.

My name is Katherina Montez , Jayden’s manager and play thing.

Yeah play thing , he basically can’t do without teasing my *ss.

We have been childhood friends and had always had feelings for him but he never noticed that.

When he says I haven’t fallen inlove before I was hurt by his words.

All this years have had a crush on him and because of that I couldn’t look other man’s way. Not that they were gonna look my way either.

I mean have you seen my looks? I look like a freaky grandma with those tacky glasses and grandma dress.

Well am used to it tho.

I took his car and drove off . am just gonna borrow it though.


I opened the door to my apartment and dropped my bag on the couch before heading towards my room.

Actually live alone in my apartment. Parents are in Virginia.

Man am hungry. I sluggishly walked towards the fridge and took out a bottle of water.

I went through mom’s apple pie receipt and set to work in no time pie was ready.

I wanted checking on Jay but he’s probably still sulking over Keisha.

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Ian messed up big time. He’s like a brother to jay yet he chooses to betray him because of a lady.

Maybe shit like this is common with guys.

I turned off my cellphone and pulled over the duvet before drifting off to wonderland.

“Wakey wakey granny.” I heard that familiar deep sexy voice with the American accent in my head. His cologne hit my nostril as I became familiar with the scent.

“No wanna sleep some more.” I mumbled in my sleep.

“Get up now or gonna spank your butt!” He threatened and I jumped outta bed.

“Am up ! Am up! Don’t you dare!” I yelled at him.


“Mind telling me what happened to your line?” He raised his eyebrows.

“What part of privacy don’t you don’t understand?” I said with folded arms.

” get your “ss in the bathroom we leave in 30.” He sat down on the couch in my room.

What does he mean by that?

“Not until yesterday you look like bait. Where are we going to?” I rolled my eyes and grabbed my cell phone.

” we’re moving to Paris am done with Vegas.and don’t you think of making excuses cause am gonna kill you.” He scoff and I glared at him.


” gush you such an ass , I don’t get why am stuck with you.” I said in between gritted teeth and dragged myself into the bathroom.

Took a shower and came out shortly only to meet weird clothes on my bed.

“Excuse you! Those ain’t my stuff can you please return it.”  I said with my arms folded around my chest.

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“ERM grandma am sorry but you ain’t going to Paris with me in such saggy stuff.” He said proudly and I felt like chopping off his head.