May 26, 2024

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Celebrity Boyfriend. Episode 33

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{She’s a stripper }




It was my birthday yet it feels like my worst day on earth.

My birthday would always be celebrated by mom, the rest of the family and Kathy.

Today am supposed to be very happy but not. Kathy ain’t here to buy me a cake and also go on and on about how I was gonna take out the candles.

I took off my blazer and dropped on the couch and sat by the mini sized bar.

The Butler walked towards me and bow in rest but I ignored him.

“Sir some ladies are here with gifts for you.” He announced but he received a glare.

“Tell them I don’t want any of those gifts. Trash them all.” I yelled at him and off he went.

I brought out my phone and dialed Kathy’s cellphone number but it wasn’t reachable making me worried.

I opened a bottle of tequila and gulp down the whole thing.

Shit!!! With kathy everything made sense but now that she left nothing made sense.

Everything smelled like shit.

“Kathy why are you mad at me?” I mimicked myself.

Obviously drunk.

I thought what I felt for her were just mere affection and didn’t realize how much I’d fallen for her.

“I love you Kathy don’t leave me alone.” I mimicked myself more and staggered towards the elevator.

Got into my room and brought the box that contained Kathy’s old stuff.

It still has that homely cologne. It was the only thing that makes me feel her presence.

A took out a frame which was a picture of me and Kathy and the boys.

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We looked so happy and loved.

God am such a fool.

I try to stand on my feet but I ended falling back stupidly.

Kathy where are you? Do you still remember my birthday?