May 24, 2024

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Celebrity Boyfriend. Episode 32

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{She’s a stripper }



“Get outta my life and don’t ever show your face to me.”I growled angrily for let Keisha play with my feelings again.

“Am sorry baby just listen to me. I never liked him but he won’t stop buying me gifts and I fell for it.” She said and I felt like strangling her.

“You’re the worst hypocrite and all thanks to you my life is ruined. The one person that matters to me left Courtesy of you.” I almost let out a tear.

” oh I see so you were cheating on me huh? And you accused me of cheating!” She raised her voice and I got so angry and gave a slap.

“Don’t you dare compare your disgusting self with Katherina. She’s nothing like you and you can never be like her even in the next ten years. I was blinded by your lies and I lost a diamond while picking have two seconds to exit my property or am gonna end your filthy life myself.” I yelled at her and she flinched back in fear.

I promised myself that I wasn’t gonna hit a lady no matterwhat and Keisha decided to cross the limits.

Ever since Kathy left me I couldn’t sing anymore, she was my motivation and I lost her due to my foolishness.

Not just had I’d a terrible accident thanks to Keisha and my lungs were severely affected. Doctors advice I quit singing for my own safety.

My career ended and I became a business man even though I never wanted to but do I have a choice?

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My life is miserable without kathy i wonder how she’s doing right now.

Do she still think about me? Or she probably hates me.

Shan tel is still mad at me and wouldn’t talk to me.

My life is a mess.