April 15, 2024

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Celebrity Boyfriend. Episode 31

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{She’s a stripper }




I groan and rolled outta bed , had to go work all night I barely had time to sleep.

I dragged my lazy feet all the way to the bathroom for a quick shower.

Its been tHree weeks since I left Paris and last heard from him.

I took it upon myself to get another job where I’ll be valued. On my free time I probably drink till am high.

I work as a stripper in a night club , that’s the only place am being valued. In the day time I work as a sales Manager at everyday’s mom shopping mart funny right?

My guess jay must be over there having fun with the love of his life and probably forgot I existed

I slide into the jacuzzi and relaxed into it as the cold water came in contact with my skin.
Am done crying for love its time to change  including my fashion taste ain’t same anymore.

I’m Kathy the girl they won’t stop staring at.

I got outta the jacuzzi and wore my bathrobe before walking outta the bathroom.

I went downstairs to fix my breakfast after which I was upstairs clad in one of the sexiest Dress. My hair was in a messy bun with few strands left out.

No more saggy clothes and glasses.

I picked up my bag and my phone before walking outta my room.

I entered my car and drove off to work.


News flash nobody owns me I own myself.

“Good morning ma’am.” The security greeted and I smiled at him before walking into the mart.

“Good morning boss.”every other staff greeted.

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“Good morning everyone. I trust you all had a lovely night rest.” I smiles and winked at my assistant.

“Yeah!” The said simultaneously.

” you look beautiful miss Katherina.” One of the staff complimented and I blush.

“_thanks. get back to work everyone.” With that I walked towards my office.

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