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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 4

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

Episode 04. {The Beginning Of Everything.}




“So you mean that fool would be gone for a year and we wouldn’t have to always do this secret meetings anymore and we would have ourselves to each other? ”
I smirk, climbing on the bed right next to Ethan.

“Yea, she would be. She had suggested we should break up before she goes because she feels guilty and stuff but I had refused. ”
He smiles, bringing his hand up to my waist to pull me to him and I groan, frowning.

“Why the hell would you reduced? That wasn’t fair of you, if you had not refused then things would have been so much better. I don’t know why you are just so keen on not breaking up with her. ”
I groan and he chuckles before bringing my body to lay against his.

“I know baby. I know but that isn’t necessary as of now and if I had just broke up with her like that, we both know she would have sensed something was wrong and a clean slate, isn’t that what we both agreed on? ”
He raises his brows at me and I sigh before nodding my head and layingy my head against his chest.

“Fine. Just this once more. I’m gonna endure this once more but after she’s back, you have to break up with her no matter what. ”
I mutter, raising my head from his chest to stare at him and he chuckles before nodding and giving me a smile peck.

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“I still don’t understand why and how you can be so heartless towards her, she’s still your bestie remember? ”
I scoff before pushing him to lay on the bed flatly then sitting to on him, against his growing erection.

“She isn’t anymore. I don’t care about that bitch anymore, I never did after the moment she stole you away from me. I had been the first to meet you but been a whore she is, she threw herself at you. ”
I roll my eyes and gently roll my hips against his erection and he grunts underneath me.

“She didn’t steal me away from you babe. I’m still here, am I not? And soon, I will be yours entirely. I promise. ”
He says, bringing his hand to my hips to control my moment and I chuckle before nodding.

His hands slides up to my thigh when his phone rings and I groan loudly before getting off him so he can bring out his phone.

His expression changes as he stares at his phone and I need not no one to tell me who exactly it is.
My fucking best friend.
Damn! I hate that fucking bitch so much, she always manages to ruin my moments. I hope she gets married soon like Ethan said and never come back here again. Maybe even die along the way.
The way I hate her…

“Hey babe. ”
He smiles and I roll my eyes, anger growing inside me with each second that passes.

“Oh, you mean to meet right now? ”
He ask in the phone and I turn to him, eyes wide. What? No! No fucking way! Not now, not when I’m already turned on.

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He turns to look at me and I shake my head at him, telling him to say no.

“Oh, I would love to meet up babe but can’t it be another time? I’m currently busy at the moment. ”
A smile creeps it’s way to my lips and I try to keep myself from laughing out loud. Yes, take that bitch!

“No, no of course I care about you. Don’t say that, you know I care about you more than anything. Alright, alright. I will be there soon, your place right? I will be there. Just give me thirty minutes. ”
He smile and I scoff, standing up and walking out of the room into the living room. I can’t believe he’s gonna leave me for that bitch! God, I hate her so much.

“Babe. ”
He wraps his hands around my waist from behind but I move away from his touch.

“I know you’re angry babe. I know and I don’t want to leave you either but she said she have something important to tell me and you know how she can be plus, I can’t let her be suspicious yet. ”
He tries to move closer to me and I pout, nodding my head.

“I know but it’s just so annoying that she has to distract us anytime we have something going on. ”
I sigh and he chuckles before planting a kiss to my forehead.

“I will make it up to you. I promise. ”
He tickles me and I laugh before wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him to lay his lips against mine.