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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 49

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{Forcefully Betrothed}







I sigh as I look around the compound once again, I don’t know why Ethan would have me meet him at this place rather than meeting him at his place.

Anyways, I know that nothing can happen because he can’t harm me.

Ethan isn’t like that and he would never do anything bad to me.

I try to keep my head low as I move along the people here who are either chatting or laughing and I move towards the receptionist.

“Good afternoon ma’am,please what can I do for you?”

The last that’s there asks me as she flashes me a smile and I raise my head a little to look at her.

“Good afternoon,I’m here to see Ethan Brooks who had just checked in here, I don’t really know his room number so can you just please check your reguster,?”

I raise my brows at her,already feeling strange that I’m here anyways and suddenly I wished that Bryan had followed me in then this would have been less awkward.

But again,if Bryan comes in then everyone would recognize him which would have been trouble.

I just hope that I also don’t get caught with the disguise that I’m still putting on.

After she made the call to Ethan,she finally gives me the room number after hers many attempts to try and look at me which I made sure that I avoid really well.

I walk towards the direction of the place that she said the room was, all the way keeping my head bend really low so that no one would be able to see me.

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I finally stop at the front of the room door and I tap against the door, his voice coming in and I couldn’t help the smile that makes its way to my lips.

Oh God, just how much I have really missed him.

I can hear footsteps and soon, he opens the door revealing him and he has really changed.

He has grown even more handsome than I remember.


I smile at him and he drags my hand,pulling me inside with me all of a sudden as he closes the door behind me then he gently slams me against the door,his lips finding mine in a rush.

“We can’t do this yet. We need to talk.”

I mutter as I smile at him,pushing at his chest gently to push him away from me but I don’t think he’s even ready to listen to me.

“We will talk later babe,let’s just do this first. God you have no possibly idea of how much I have missed you…”

He groan,his lips trailing down my neck and I don’t know why I’m not kissing him back immediately.

Probably because I want to listen to what he has to say about the picture that were sent to me before I allow him to touch me.

“Please,just stop already and listen to me. We have to talk.”

I groan and he grunts,pulling away from me.

His face hard as anything.

“Fucking Bitch! ”

He spits before grabbing my hair and throwing me on the bed.