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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 50

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{Forcefully Betrothed}







I stare at the place that she had just walked in once again

I don’t know why but I don’t feel too good about her going in there with that guy.

Even if he’s her boyfriend, how can he ask her to meet him at a hotel knowing what’s between her and me?

Something feels wrong and I just don’t know what that is and Tamara had asked me to stay out herself so what if I just walked in there,barge in on them and then nothing is wrong?

She’s probably going to freak out but my mind isn’t at rest.

I want to see that she’s fine before I can finally be at rest.

I don’t know where the feeling had come from but I don’t think she’s alright.

My heart is beating faster against my chest and my guts are telling me to do something real quick and that’s what I plan on doing.

Getting out of the car, I don’t really care if people see me. I just need to find my wife.. my fake wife and make sure that she is alright.

Even despite her craziness and me pretending that I hate her, she really do means the world to me.

Walking inside, I try to keep my head hung low as I make my way towards the receptionist which is a lady flashing me a smile.

“I need you to give me the room number of the woman who had just walked in.

She was putting on a white gown and she had her hair ties in a ponytail. She’s looking for someone here, Ethan so can you give me the room number that she went into?”

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“I’m sorry sir but we don’t put our customers safety in danger. If you could call this woman..”

I didn’t allow her to finish her words before I raise my head at her and her eyes widens as she stares at me.

About to scream, I place my finger over my lips to stop her from saying anything and she nods.

“No one can know that I’m here please. The woman that had just walked in here is someone very important to me so can you give me the room number.?”

Grinning at me, she nods her head immediately as she looks down at something before telling me the room number and directing me towards how I will find it.



“Ethan please stop it, what are you doing?”

I shake my head as I move further away from the bed as he walks towards me like a predator that’s walking towards his prey.

“Fucking bitch! You have been proving so hard to get and it’s because if you that I never did win that bet. Now that I have another chance to, I will make sure that I fuck your tight little pussy just like I had fucked your friend.”

He smirks and all air disappeared fro my lungs immediately.

He… The pictures were true. They were really going out with each other! Behind my back!

God, I can’t believe this!

“You were… You were with Violet?”

My voice cracks and he chuckles as he joins me on the bed,grabbing my hair while I scream out but as soon as his palms collides with my cheek, tears rolls uncontrollably down my cheeks.

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I don’t know who this man is and where Ethan has gone.

So the sweet Ethan was just an act. This is really him.

He was talking about a bet and he just said it right to my face that he was going out with Violet.

“I fucked her every single day that I was pretending to be your little sweet boyfriend. It was just a dare and you mean nothing more to me…”

His hands finds my gown and he rips it apart from the top to my waist revealing my bra despite my struggling.

“It was supposed to be so simple. Just make sure that I get you both and fuck you then I would have won the bet and then you were proving so hard to get. Fucking bitch..”

I try to push him away as I try to cover my chest and another slap collides with my cheek as he grabs my bra and tear it off, revealing my breasts.

Oh God. So I had fallen in love with this devil thinking he was an angel.

While I was falling in love with him. All he was thinking about was to have sex with me so he could win his bet and I had been so foolish to have fallen into his traps.

“But now,I’m going to fuck you as much as I want. I’m going to tear your pussy and I’m gonna break that fucking stupid innocent of yours.”

He smirks,grabbing my one breast in his hand while I try to push him away from me but it just seems like the more I resist, the more he gets stronger.

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He squeezes my breast in his hand before tearing the cloth once again, this time revealing my pant and tears rolls down my cheeks.

Just as he’s about to rip my pant apart,he’s pushed away by someone.