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Dream High. Chapter 27

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???????????? T.H.I.E.F (Dream High) ???????? ????

???? Killer (Part 10)????

An India love action story….

Chapter 2️⃣7️⃣

Written by

©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Continuation From the last Episode;

????️ Ashwini Pov ????️

It seemed he did not believe me for a second but nodded his head anyway.

Seriously speaking I do not know why that name slipped out of my mouth. I don’t know who Rohan is or why I had said his name out loud.

“Okay, like I told you, my name is Rohit and I am a doctor.”

“A very hot one at that.” I didn’t know when the words slipped out of my tongue.

He smiled which took my breath away.

“And you, what do you do for a living shorty?”

“Nothing.” I replied with shrugged shoulders. “I just go around looking for people’s trouble.” I added with a smile.

“No wonder you ran into me purposely.”

“Hey that was a mistake, my mind wasn’t there.” I told him.

“Okay.” He said. “You said you needed to talk, I am listening.”

At this moment I realized how really, really close we were. I was completely surrounded by his scent and sensations that I had never noticed before, and I could swear I was able to hear things that I had never noticed. Like the rhythmic sound of Rohit’s breath as it went in and out of his body, and the soft drum of his beating heart. Both sounds were so soothing… and incredibly sexy.

I cleared my throat.

“Can you go back to your previous position, I find it very hard to speak when you are this close to me. And you being this close, I might do something which you won’t like.” I told him in all honesty.

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He grinned and strengthened up to his giant height before he sat down, this time on the same sofa I was sitting. His knees brushed my exposed ones and I swallowed hard when I turned to find him staring at me.

I ask him to go back to his previous position and not sit next to me.

“You remind me of her, your laughter, your eyes. It reminds me of my princess.” He told me.

His words cut through my heart and I tried not to allow the hurt show in my face.

How can he compare me with a dead girl? He shouldn’t compare me with anyone, I am just me not his dead princess.

“I am not your princess, I am Ashwini.”

“Yes I know that.” He said with a knowing smile. “So about the talk.”

“Yes, my boyfriend broke up with me today.” I told him. Thinking of Arjun and his hurtful words made me want to cry badly but I won’t be crying in front of a stranger I just met today.

“What happened?”

“He cheated on me. I saw him with this beautiful girl and when we spoke, he told me he wasn’t really into me and that I was just a fling, and I loved him. I have loved him from the day I saw him. He just broke my heart into a million pieces.” I replied and didn’t know I was crying until I felt his hand cleaning my tears away on my cheek.

“Probably you are not meant to be. One thing I have learned in a hard way is that love can disappoint you when you need it most. If he is for you, he wouldn’t dream of hurting your feelings in the first place.” He told me.

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Hearing his soothing words made me relax, it made me calm.

We are now staring into each other’s eyes and time didn’t seem to exist at that moment. Each breath that moved in and out of me felt crisp and clean, and clear as I inhaled the air that was surrounding Rohit and was filled with his scent. He leaned forward and I tilted my head and felt his lips on mine. I felt his hands curl around the back of my neck and push up into my hair, tingles raced across my scalp as we kissed, I opened my mouth to let him in.

Our tongues mingled and sparred with each other, sucking and licking, tasting and immersing, again and again until I felt certain I’d melt onto Rohit’s chest and become one with him.

Speaking of chest….

I placed a hand on him wanting to touch his chest but disappointment left me shuddering when Rohit pulled away from me like I’d burned him.

Standing up and getting far away from me.

“Sorry but you have to leave, now.” He told me and that fucking hurt me.

I stood up to leave as he ordered but stopped in my tracks before I opened the door that led outside.

“You know, I am not a loose girl.”

“I never said you are. I just can’t explain what prompted me to kiss you. I am sorry, it was a mistake.”

I nodded my head and left. The gate opened as I ignited my bike and drove out not looking back.

I tried not to think of the kiss as I drive around, thinking about Rohit and his kiss that made me weak.

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I wanted his lips badly on mine, I craved for it. I want to kiss him again and again till forever. I want to feel his hands on my body badly, I want him.

I don’t always feel this way round Arjun so this was freaking me out. I just met him and it felt like I had known him before.

By the time I arrived home, it was night and my mother and Bobby had come back from the hospital because I saw the car they had used.

“Good evening mum and dad.” I greeted the two people who are older than me once I was inside and ignored Arjun totally.

They were seated in the living room and Arjun was up to his feet and came to my front, blocking me from moving.

“Why were you not picking your goddamn phone?”

Oh, I met a sex god today who had kissed me senselessly.

I wanted to tell him that but I didn’t.

“And why are you pretending to care about me all of a sudden Arjun. Did you hit your head hard on something?” I asked him.

“Where have you been all day?” He asked me, raising up his voice a little bit.

Are you fucking kidding me? Is he pretending to care now?

“Last time I checked you are not my mother, and seriously speaking Arjun, it’s none of your fucking business so go and sit down.” I told him.