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Dream High. Chapter 28

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???????????? T.H.I.E.F (Dream High) ???????? ????

???? Killer (Part 11)????

An India love action story….

Chapter 2️⃣8️⃣

Written by

©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Continuation From the last Episode;

????️ Ashwini Pov ????️


“Yes Arjun.” I told him and added. “You don’t have any right to question my whereabouts.”

“I have every right to ask you Ashwini and you will answer to me.”

“As what? Your wife or girlfriend? Because last time I checked, I am neither of that to you. So go and sit down.” I said trying not to get angry.

I was a bit surprised at myself and wouldn’t believe that I was angry, not at anyone but at Arjun. This will be my first time.

Arjun stared at me for a moment then turn and climbed the stairs, slamming his room door hard.

What did that poor door do to you Arjun?

I wonder as I stare at the two people who have been quiet.

Bobby was staring at me in shock and my mum, well, staring at me in curious.

“Did something happen between you and my son when we were gone?” Bobby asked me.

“No Dad.” I answered and climbed the stairs.

I entered my room, removed my clothes and headed for my bathroom.

By the time I was through with my bath and ready to jump on my bed, my room door opened and my mum walked in, closing the door behind her.

I sat on my bed knowing why she had come.

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“Split it out Ashwini, what happened today. You have never talked back to Arjun the way you did tonight. Did something happen, honey?”

“Yes mum, something happened today.” I replied to her and decided to be completely honest with her and told her everything. “So you were right mum. Arjun doesn’t love me he only sees me as a sex toy.” I concluded my speech.

When she sat next to me, she cleaned my tears and it was only then I realized I was crying.

I hug my mum who returned the hug and cried, trying not to be heard.

“You were right mum but I love him with every fiber in me but he ended up breaking my heart. He was my first love.” I sob harder.

“I told you not to get yourself involved with him. It was as if I knew you would get hurt in the end, and it happened.”

“I just don’t understand why he didn’t tell me from the onset that he wasn’t really into me instead of leading me on and left me hanging.” I told my mother facing her.

“I also love someone.”

“What?” I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Yes, but he doesn’t love me. He only sees me as his friend.”

“Does he know about your feelings for him?” I ask.

“No, I didn’t tell him. I was afraid of his rejection. Anyways it’s been twelve years since I last saw him. He would have been married by now with kids.”

“Is he my biological father?”

“No he is not. Listen Ashwini, destinies change, eras change, dates of countries change, kings and queens change, but in this changing world if love stays with someone, then that person does not change. You ought to know from the beginning that Arjun doesn’t love you. You were too blind to see that and I am grateful that your eyes are finally opened.” My mother said.

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“I don’t love him any more mum, I am just hurt that i believed what we shared was true but now I know better.” I told my mother who smiled at me.

“Now you are talking. He is not meant for you, he wouldn’t hurt you if he truly loves you.” She said and that reminded me of sex god I had met today.

“Mum, I met someone Interesting today.” I told her.


“Yes mum. You need to see him, he is so handsome and big.” I said blushing when I remembered him. “But whenever I look into his eyes, it seems to me like I have met him before but that’s impossible because I never forget any face.”

“How do you mean?”

“I mean, when I really looked at him besides seeing us having hot sex, I see this blurry vision of a princess and two boys.” I said standing up to my feet, walking forward with my back facing her. “One is called Khan and the girl is a princess, Aishwarya is her name. And the second boy, the princess named him Rohan. I feel like I know Khan and I feel like I know Rohan. Does that make any sense to you mum?” I asked turning to face her only to see her eyes were wide like a socket.