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Dream High. Chapter 29

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An India love action story….

Chapter 2️⃣9️⃣

Written by

©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

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Continuation From the last Episode;

????️ Ashwini Pov ????️

“Mum, why are you looking at me as if you’ve seen a ghost behind my back?” I asked her, turning slightly to look behind me, then face her once again.

Why is she staring at me as if I am a ghost?

It seems she got out of her shock state because she stood up from the bed and walked up to meet me, grabbing my shoulders and staring into my eyes, “Did you see a palace or a woman?” She asked out of blue.

A palace?

“No, I only saw a girl bearing the name Aishwarya, a boy with the name Khan and another boy with the name Rohan. And not to mention, their faces are blurry, I can’t really know what they look like.” I replied to her and her grip on my shoulder lessened. “I have only gotten two visions today since I met Rohit.” I added.

“Who is this guy you met today?” My mum asked

“His name is Rohit and he is a doctor in Punjab.” I replied and when I saw her face I raised my hands up. “What?”

“Punjab? Isn’t that far from here? What are you doing in Punjab city Ashwini?”

“Oh, it was Arjun who had sent me to distribute the goods to our customers living there and that was where I met Rohit.” I replied.

“And this vision came to you when you saw him?”

“Yes, only when I looked into his eyes mum.”

“I would like to see him, can you invite him tomorrow?” My mum asked.

“I wish it was that easy, but I can’t mum. He asked me to leave his house. I don’t know what I did to him to warrant that.” I told my mother.

One minute we were kissing hotly and the next minute he was asking me to leave. Why?

“Okay, maybe someday.”

“Yeah, someday.” I said after her. Probably someday won’t come at all. I thought sadly.

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“Well, Bobby and i spoke with Taru earlier today on the phone, she will be coming soon after her exams.” My mother said.

“That’s good.” I said with shrugged shoulders. It should have been me.

“Do you regret giving Taru your scholarship?” She asked, she must have seen my pained expression for her to ask.

“Yes, but the mistake has been made. I can’t change the hands of time. Maybe it is destiny.”

“Maybe you should think of moving forward, going back to school instead of following Arjun around like a headless chicken.”

“Mum, don’t worry about me, I will think of what to do with my life and that includes running like a headless chicken.” I told her and she peck me. And then a thought came into my mind. “You once told me I have a royal blood flowing through my vain, what do you mean by that? Or is my biological father a king?” I ask.

“Oh, you still remember that?” She asked, looking surprised.

“Why won’t I remember that?”

“I don’t think you remembered because if you did you wouldn’t have given your scholarship away to Taru just like that. And till now, I am still angry at you for passing such an opportunity.”

“I’m sorry mum, I was carried away by the love I had for Arjun that I forgot to put myself first. I had always put him first but what did he do in return, he betrayed me.” I said.

“It’s okay. I understand it’s just that I sometimes wished you were in Taru place and not here. You should control others, not others controlling you Ashwini. You don’t know where you come from that is why. I just wish you could see what I am seeing in you whenever I look at you, I always feel like bowing before you but you won’t accept it. You are Royal, that is all I can say.”

Wow, am Royal? Who then is my father? Does that mean one of the five king’s is my father?

“So I am Royal?” I asked in bewilderment. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Yes, but don’t tell Arjun, Bobby or even Taru, don’t let anyone know you are a Royal.” She said in a hush placing one of her fingers in her mouth. “And you should know this Ashwini, you are from a very strong lineage.”

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“So who is my real father, I am dying to know him, his name. What he looks like. I want to know why you are here with me instead of living in the palace. I want to know every little detail, mum.” I told her with eagerness.

“Let me get to meet with the boy you met first and I will give you all the answers to your questions.” My mum replied and left my room.

Wow, I’m a fucking Royal!!!

I collapsed on my bed not bothering to lock my room door, dreaming of myself seated on a royal throne adorned with all kinds of gold as every Indian comes to pay homage to their Queen.

Am a fucking Royal?


????️ Rohan Pov ????️

I had asked her to leave and regretted it once the words came out of my mouth.

I couldn’t stop the pang of pain I had felt when she turned and left, not even bothering to take a glance at me.

I didn’t mean for it to happen, one minute I was sitting across her and the next minute I was besides her. I have never felt this way before, never.

So why now?

Kissing her was sudden and I would never say it was a mistake, no, it was as if she was made for me.

I know her from somewhere but I can’t figure out the place I had met her. Her eyes reminded me of my Aishwarya.

Was it a coincidence?

When I felt her hand on my chest reality drawn on me, she was only touching me because of my looks, what if she gets to see my whole body?

Most of my one stand, I have always made sure the room lights are off and didn’t want them to see my ugly body.

I don’t know why I wanted more from the girl I just met. I wanted her to like me and my ugly body. I don’t want her to look at me with disgust.

A perfect face with an ugly twisted body….. Ashwini will leave once she discovers what I have been hiding beneath my clothes.

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And I don’t want to feel rejected, besides, I had made a deal never to fall in love or risk losing my life.

That is why I told her to leave and thankfully at that time, my father wasn’t around.

Somehow I have this feeling that I am being watched by the boy who has given me a second chance to live.

By the time he returned two hours later I had washed out the cold coffee and kept the cups where they are normally kept.

I greeted him and we talked a little bit before I excused myself and went to my hidden room to prepare for tonight.

Tonight I will be killing two people, hitting two birds with a stone.

I dressed up and by the time I left my room, it was dark.

“Won’t you eat before going? I kept your own share.” My father asked me. He was eating scramble eggs, obviously he just made them some minutes ago.

“I will eat them when I return. It’s getting late dad.” I told him.

“Be safe and careful son.”

“I am always dad.” I told him, going to peck him before I left for my car.

Once again I have these feelings I have been watching but looking around the compound, I saw no one.

I entered my car and drove off once the gate automatically opened by itself.


Amar stood at the side of the compound as he watched Rohan speed off.

He has made himself invisible so Rohan wouldn’t see him.

He has been watching Rohan ever since he accepted the deal that night. He had watched him grow into a very handsome stunning man.

He has always watched him as he interacts with women but today……the lady he saw with Rohan…..the way he had looked at her was very different.

Reading Rohan thoughts, the doctor had thought Ashwini was Aishwarya.

Well, Rohan may be right.

But Amar was 70% percent sure Ashwini is Aishwarya and for him to be proved right or wrong.

He has to tell his Mistress about Ashwini.