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Dream High. Chapter 30

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???????????? T.H.I.E.F (Dream High) ???????? ????

???? Killer (Part 13)????

An India love action story….

Chapter 3️⃣0️⃣

Written by

©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Continuation From the last Episode;

Amar disappeared, going to meet his Mistress.

????️ Rohan Pov ????️

I stopped my car not too far from my target house and waited until it was past midnight before I came down from my car, took my sword and strap it on my back, my cloth hiding it and started walking towards my target house.

I choose tonight because all his guards have gone to their various homes for a week’s rest earlier today and won’t be resuming in two day’s time.

So tonight is the perfect night to strike.

With my dark clothes I wore, I blended with the dark shadows in the street and climbed the fence like an expert, careful not to let my body touch the wires on the fence.

I jumped down and landed without a sound. The house was quiet, no gatekeeper, no guards like i’d know. All have been given a one week leave.

I head straight to the front door. I meddled with the lock for two minutes before it opened. I quietly let myself in and close the door behind me.

The empty living room consists of four imported sofas in a circle form and a round glass table in the middle.

I climbed the stairs and when I reached the short hallways, I heard the voices of both men I am here to kill.

When I wanted to open the door, I paused when a name caught my attention.

“Prince Khan will soon be arriving, King Sanjay will want everyone of us to keep an eye on his son. He has got enemies.” First male voice said.

“Enemies? What enemies? I don’t think King Sanjay has enemies, we all know, in fact, every India knows prince Khan is the next King that will rule over India.” A second male voice said.

“It seems that the five kings are at war with each other. King Baabul and King Veer want the throne also.”

“But we killed King Padas and his daughter with that low street rat so that Prince Khan can be crowned the next King of Maharaja.”

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“But look, twelve years later, Lady Meera is still beating around the bush and has turned King Sanjay to her puppet. It was her order that prince Khan should be taken out of India and his father comply, we don’t know which country he sent his soon too but I heard prince Khan isn’t someone to toy with. He and lady Meera comminutes more frequently than with his father, something fishy seems to be going on between the two of them.”

“And now he is coming home after twelve years.”


I pushed the door open abruptly, stopping their conversation. They were now aged with blade heads. One was sitting on the bed and the other one on a chair facing the bed. The room was painted in white and was decorated.

“Who are you?” One of them, the one who was sitting on the bed, asked standing up to his feet. “And how did you get into my house?”

I entered the room and closed the door behind me, locking it.

“He is asking you a question or are you deaf!!” The second man bellowed at me.

“I came here to see the both of you to… you farewell.” I replied, not moving inches from the door.

The standing up reached for the drawer besides him and tried to open it.

“I wouldn’t bring out that gun if I were you.” I told him stopping him right in his tracks as he stared at me, probably wondering how I got to know about the gun in his drawer.

I draw out my sword removing it from it’s shield and swing it in the air. That got their attention because none of them moved.

I motion with my head to the one standing to sit back which he did quickly

“When is Khan coming?” I asked them.

“And how is that your business?” The one sitting down on the chair asked me and I cut off his right hand completely. Blood gushes out of his cut arm.

This reminded me of the night Aishwarya had cut off one of the arms of King Sanjay.

“I do the questioning here and not the other way around.” I said ignoring the bloody screaming off him and on the floor. “If I hear a noise from you, you are going to lose your other arm, legs and tongue. I am going to slowly dismember your body and you will still be breathing.” I told him and that shut him up. Good.

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Returning my gaze to the other man on the bed, “Now, when is Khan coming?”

“In four days time, please I have answered your question, let us go.” He quickly responded.

“Which airport?” I ask calmly.

“The new airport built by his father in New Delhi.”



“Hmm, okay.” I said. “Let’s get down to business. Do you both remember this face?” I asked, pointing at my face and exposing a bit of my left arm flesh to them.

The one who I had cut off his hands stared at me briefly and shook his head even though he was in a lot of pain, same happened to the first man.

“I can’t remember you. Who are you?” He asked me and the one in pain nodded in support.

“Let me refresh your memory. You were just discussing an incident that occurred twelve years ago, well to cut the long story short, I am that how do you even put it ‘that low street rat’. The one you had burned alive.” I told them and smiled when I saw their reactions. Shocked, unbelievable, fearful and a lot more. “And thanks to you, I now know the time Khan will be arriving in India. Killing him, his father would think it was one of the four kings that had murdered his son and he will plan to get his revenge and at the process of doing that, they will all die in my hands.”

“Forgive us, we were paid to do what we did. It is now in the past.”

“You were paid and that was why you killed the father and daughter.” I said staring at them in anger. “Aishwarya would have been alive today but you choose money over your Queen. And you both have established yourself with it.”

“We are sorry.” The one bleeding said. I didn’t feel any pity for him, he is going to bleed and die but before he bleeds out, I want the both of them to pass through the pain my princess passed that horrible night.

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“Tell me the names of every guard involved that night?” I demanded.

“You saw that Aishwarya killed most of them before she was captured with your own eyes. Three left with prince Khan and the rest are here and I have no idea where they are, one died some days ago. Though our leader, the one who had sent us to Lady Meera, is still in India. He couldn’t come that night but I heard he is doing a different job now.”

“His first name?” I asked him and he replied immediately. “His last name?”

“Poru. He lives somewhere in Bombay city. I have answered all your questions please let us go.”

“I can’t. The both of you have to die.” I said and swung my sword at the stomach of the bed, he was expecting that and he yelled out.

Since I have no rod with me to hit them, I slice into their skin and turn the white paint to red.

“Do you both feel dizzy?” I asked with a wicked smile. “Do you feel your life slipping away and hoping I left you alone?” I ask them again, tearing into their skins, cutting off their fingers and toes and ignoring the blood flying around and touching my clothes. I love the scent of blood especially when it is coming from my enemies. They were on the floor, not moving but breathing slowly. “That was how My Aishwarya had felt.” I finished my lines.

“It has to end this way, blood for blood.” I told them and left the room. I left the house and went back to my car to bring out the gallon of fuel at the boot and went back to the house.

Pouring fuel on them first and proceeded to pour fuel from the staircase and everywhere that was made of wood or plastic.

I went back to the room, took my sword and brought out my matches in my pocket and used one to set them aflame. I closed the room and hurriedly left the house and headed straight to my car and drove off hearing a loud explosion behind me.

Now, I have to find Mr Poru Bobby and plan my next attack on Khan.