February 4, 2023

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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 4

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????{My Boss Demands}????

Episode 04.

{Anxiousness… Hotness… New Boss?}




Smiling at the lady, I grab my bag and walk inside the office. My heart beating so fast with each step that I take.

I breathe out once again before staring at the guy that’s sitting in the chair, I can’t see his face because he’s staring at something on the desk and with the way he’s sitting, he seems like he would be really strict.

Clearing my throat, I walk further into the office before bowing my head.

“Good morning. I’m Lyla Brown and I’m next for the interview… ”
Raising my head, my breath caught up in my throat as I stare at him, I almost gasp but I’m quick to compose myself as I quickly look away from him.
Oh damn! I totally forgot that this is Alexander’s company.
Alexander. The young billionaire, youngest in the history of billionaires.

I have often heard of him from many of the companies that constructing tech had worked with and I always see him on TV also but I didn’t thought I would see him like this. The pictures do him absolutely no justice as I raise my head to stare at him once again and he’s staring at me.

He has deep blue eyes. And his blonde short hair is pushed back, his white T-shirt he’s putting on tightly hugs his body and the few buttons at first are opened which reveals his torso.
His sleeves are rolled up which brings us his muscles and shows the tattoo that trails down his arm.
Oh my fucking god!
I haven’t expected this and I realize that I’m still standing right where I am the moment I entered and I’m still staring at him more than I should.

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“Are you gonna come in miss Brown or are you gonna stand there all day and stare at me for the whole interview? ”
He raises his brows at me and I clear my throat, composing myself before nodding and walking over to him.

I bow once again and raise my head once again to look at him still staring at me, waiting for him to tell me to the a seat.

“You may take a seat. ”
He mutters and I smile before gently sitting in the chair and staring at him, wanting for his questions.

“I saw your qualifications and I should say you’re really a intelligent lady. Also, I heard you once worked at constructing tech, could you tell me why you left there and decided to come here to global tech? ”
He raises his brows at me and I gulp in, how am I supposed to tell him that?

Oh nothing actually sir. Just that I took an habit of been always late to work?
I’m sure there’s absolutely no way I’m gonna lose the job if he thinks that I’m not gonna have the job seriously in the first place.

“Actually sir, that’s kind of personal and I would really like if I’m been excused from saying that season. All you will have to know say is that I am no longer working there. ”
I mutter and he chuckles before nodding his head.

“Of course miss Brown. There’s no problem with you not telling me that, now your qualifications already guaranteed that you would be getting this job coupled with the fact that you once worked at a big company which means you have a very good experience. Now, mind of I ask? What work exactly were you doing at constructing text? What was your position or That’s a personal thing also? ”
He smiles and I try to keep my eyes away from the way his dimples pops out and his eyes brightens even more when he do that.

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“No sir. That’s no secret. I was working as a personal assistant to the boss. ”
I return the smile and he nods before shifting his chair back and staring at me in such a way I felt uncomfortable under his intense gaze I had to look away.

“Alright. That’s it, you are hired as a personal assistant. You will be starting by Monday miss Brown and let me tell you, it wouldn’t be easy like you thought because I have some demands you might not be able to meet. ”
He is now smirking which is actually getting me scared. Demands?

“That would be all miss Brown , you will be starting Monday like I had said. You may go. ”
I stand up and bow to him before walking out of the office with one thought in my mind, what does he means by demands I may not meet?