January 28, 2023

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Celebrity Boyfriend. Episode 6

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{A trip to Paris }


✖ Jayden Alejandro ✖

I knew I needed to relocate if I wanted to get over Keisha.

Just need some time to heal and paris is the perfect place for a good distraction.

Sat down with my legs crossed waiting for grandma to get dressed.

There’s no way she’s coming with me in such weird clothes.
I grabbed one of the magazine on the couch and glanced through it.

Its been 5minutes already and katie ain’t out yet .

“Is everything okay granny?” I called out.

“ERM yeah yeah be out in a sec” she replied nervously.

I shook my head and waited patiently for her.

Another five minutes was gone and she’s still not out.

“Wtf! Are you doing back there ?” I half yelled.

“Nothing nothing but there’s no way am gonna walk in this funny clothing.” She yelled back.

I sigh and stood up before walking towards the closet. I pushed the door open and walked in.

Holy shit!! This ain’t grandma.

“How bad is it?” She sighed embarrassed.

“So you do have boobs.” I chuckled softly.

“Shut up you pervert.” She glared at me.

“Whatever man you’re still my grandma so get your shit together we’re leaving right now ” I walked ahead of her.


We arrived at the airport shortly and our stuffs had been taken outta the car by the chauffeur.

“What’s with the tacky glasses katie?” I rolled my eyes at her naivety.

She looked amazing in the strapless gown but she had to ruin everything with those weird looking glasses

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” are we doing this right now?” She huff and tries to walk away but turns out she wasn’t that good with heels

“Oopies” I burst into laughter.

” I hate you!!” She groan.

” I love you too grandma.” I winked at her.


“Are you nervous?” I asked as I observed her .
She looked frightened and all sweaty.

I took her hand in mine and held it in a comfortable manner.

“Hang in there katie we gonna be there soon.” I whisper into her ear and cover her with my leather jacket.

She was shivering but stopped the moment I pulled her into my bossom.

Soon she slept off in my arms and I made I lie properly on her seat.

My thoughts drifted to Keisha. I could remember our first trip together in my private jet.

My family never liked her and I took It out on them for I was blinded by love…

All this while they were only sticking out for me.
Thought Ian was best friend and brother. I was closest to him than Derrick.

When we were kids we would bully kids and a new transfer student in our school.

She was a weirdo and I did had a crush on but she kept pushing me away reasons why we would always bully her.

She eventually changed school and never heard about her.

Little miss grandma here reminds me so much of my childhood crush. She has long curly black hair just like Katie.
Unfortunately I never got to know her name before she left school.

I wish I could see her again. There were so many questions I would like to ask her.

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Hayden is so gonna mock my ass after she finds out how much of a b”tch Keisha was.