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Celebrity Boyfriend. Episode 7

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{She’s my grandma }






I jumped up immediately. Gush jay Is at work again.
“Wow it worked thank you gentleman.” He grin and handed the alarm to one of his official flight attentant.

” can ask you something?” I raise my eyebrows.
Since yesterday incident he has been calm about the whole thing that it never happened.

” if you ever get the chance to see Ian right now what would be your reaction?” It just slipped outta my mouth.

He smiled and ran his sexy fingers through his wavy hair.

“Well am gonna whip His motherfucking ass for messing with our friendship over a girl. Too bad there’s not gonna be the MAX band because I decided to dismantle it.” He smiled.

One thing about Jay he doesn’t go pass a second without smiling.

“Wow that’s a lot. So what’s gonna happen to your manager? If am to understand your speech you wanna go solo?” I bit my lips nervously.

” that’s the spirit grandma. We’re going solo and don’t worry about your *ss I still need you around “he said and walked ahead of me.

Now that’s a relief.

“Wow.” I blurted out.

Paris is indeed a beautiful place to be with magnificent buildings worth staring at .

” stop slacking behind grandma.” He dragged me along as we got into the car waiting for him.

There were two excort cars right behind ours.
It sure feels good to be riding with a celebrity. You get to enjoy all the rides.

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I glanced through the window amazed by the sight before , my eyes caught sight of diner .

“Can we  stop here am starving.” I whined .

“Yeah yeah the old fox can’t do without eating. ” he rolled his eyes and ordered the driver to stop.

“Whatever boss.” I tried to sound mean.

I stepped outta the car and ran towards the diner.

He trailed after sluggishly.

“Omg this like the best tamales have had in months.” I confessed with a mouthful.

“Anna’s diner makes the best meals. This was mom’s favorite place.” He said as maintained a smiling face.

“Your mom has great taste tho.”

I heard Camera clicks and I turned to the direction only to find out a girl had taken an unaware picture of him.

Courtesy of being a Celebrity.

“Do you realize a girl just took a picture of you?” I frown deeply.

“Two actually. I get that a lot , the girls can’t stop staring.” He said proudly and I scoffed.

“Oh please don’t flatter yourself too much.” I dropped the bill on the table but he took it and handed it back to me.

“How many times do I have to tell you this. You don’t have to pay for anything as long as am around.” He rolled his eyes and brought out some notes and dropped it on the table plus a tip too.

All this time random girls won’t stop glaring at me.

Wtf do they want?

He took my hand in his in a romantic manner. Wait! Is he tryna be romantic right?

” shut up and act normal so you don’t get beaten up by the ladies.I can’t be romantic with my grandma.” He said and I felt embarrassed.

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I can’t believe I said that out loud .

We eventually left the diner and the next stop was the Knights Mansion.

All through the ride I tried not to get into trouble with jay so he wont tryna be annoying.