March 29, 2023

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Trillionaire Surrogate. Chapter 6

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Triillionaire Surrogate.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 6

Angela’s POV

Jason and I finally arrived at California, it was such a beautiful place to be. I never thought a day would come when I will be travelling with the great Jason.

“Is your baby a male or female?” He asked on our way to the house I assumed we would be staying.

“I haven’t confirmed yet but shouldn’t you be referring to it as our baby.”

He snorted without saying a word.

On arriving inside the house, I dropped off our luggage.

I went to the kitchen to start coking, I’ve been feeling hungry, I needed to eat.

Jason’s POV

All through our journey to California, I was so nervous and a bit skeptical of what awaits me over here.

I jerked out of my thoughts at the sound of the visitors bell. It’s barely an hour that we arrive here, who is coming to visit me.

Dad didn’t tell me someone awaits me here…or could it be? …let me check.

I walked to the door and met with two men, they were dressed in black suit.

“Hi Jason, I’m Sam and he’s Dan, we will be your new bodyguard here.” Sam said as they both brought their ID card out.

I put a call through to my father to confirm and he did confirm that they were his men.

I welcomed them and get to know them.

Angela walked towards where I and the men sat, she looked curious to know who the men were and what they were here to do.

“Angela, meet Sam and Dan, they are my new bodyguards.” I said to Angela.

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“Sam, Dan, meet Angela, she’s my…” I sincerely didn’t know what to refer her with. “My personal bodyguard.”

The two men bursted into laughter. “What’s funny?”

“Can’t believe a pregnant woman is your body guard sir.” Sam said.

I smirked. “Well, she is.”

“Sir, if she is here just to protect you, I think you should fire her right away, we are enough.” Dan asserted.

“So quick to judge, interesting.” Angela said and went to sit. “Let’s protect him together, how about that?”

The men smirked and kept staring at her like she’s feeble.

“I’m not firing her, you guys should learn to work together.” I said and walked away.