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Trillionaire Surrogate. Epilogue 2

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Trillionaire Surrogate.

Written by Feathers.

Epilogue 2

Two years later!

“Anthony!” I called my baby as he plays with his toys. He is now two years old.

He looks beautiful and handsome just like his father.

I went to him and carried him happily on my shoulder.

“When I call you, you say ma.” I said to him and he was just smiling.

The door creaked open and Jason walked in. I dropped the baby to hug him and the baby began to cry.

I chukled and I was confused as to if I should go and hug my husband or go back to carry my baby.

Jason walked swiftly pass me and carried the baby, I was now jealous that he had rather picked the baby over me.

He smiled and hugged me too.

I smiled as I laid my head on his left chest.

“Hope house wasn’t too boring?” He asked as we both sat.

“Not really…I just missed you.” He said and signalled for me to come over.

I sat on his laps.

“Who does Nathaniel resemble, you or I?” He asked and I giggled.

I knew he looked like Jason but I wouldn’t confess that. “He looks like me of course.”

“See you lieing, everyone can tell he looks like me. Don’t you see that we are both handsome?” He asked.

“So I’m ugly, right?” I asked as I folded my arms and shook playfully while forming a fake anger.

He crossed my shoulder with his hand and pecked me.

“You are actually more beautiful than me.” He said and I blushed.


Few days later!

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Our child clocks two years today and I’m so glad to celebrate it for him.

We invited families and friends, while cutting the cake with our baby, I was surprised to see Sam and Dan.

They were dressed in black suit.

I had to walk to meet them after the ceremony subsided.

“You weren’t invited.” I made it known to them.

“Indeed! Even after two years , you haven’t forgiven us. Well, we got implicated as one of the workers of Mike and served in the prison for one year and two months. When we heard that your child is celebrating two years, I regretted that it is the same child I kidnapped when he was just a day old. I came to apologize.” Sam said and while I was processing his words. Jason walked to us.

I explained what Sam said to him.

“Glad the law caught up with both of you, apology accepted. ” Jason said.

“And you Angela?” Sam asked.

I can’t believe Sam has changed. The way he even speaks, everything about him has changed.

“You are forgiven.” I declared and they both smiled.

They waved at us and walked away.

Jason and I turned to each other with a smile. We kissed passionately.

The End. ❤️