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Trillionaire Surrogate. Chapter 26

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Trillionaire Surrogate.

Chapter 26

Jason’s POV

-Following day-

After I had confirmed that Angela had got her baby back, I believed she should have find a place to hide just like she had said.

I returned to California and went straight to my house. On getting there, I noticed my doors were left opened and everywhere seemed scattered.

I was stunned and looked around wondering who in the world could have left the door open.

If Angela had left, she should have left the door closed at least.

I threaded carefully and walked inside the house. I was not hearing any sound but I could discern that someone was inside the house.

Angela’s POV

While Mike and I were having a conversation, he stood up and pulled off his trousers.

“What is the meaning of this?” I asked but he never replied.

He walked to me and grabbed me all of a sudden. I still didn’t understand what was happening so I placed my baby beside me and tried to stand but he pinned me to the chair.

“What did you want with me?” I asked but he only smirked.

“If I can not have you, at least, you should have a baby for me too.” He said.


“You just watch.” He said and tore my top.

I got angry when I realize what he was trying to do and struggled to stand while trying not to hurt my baby.

I was able to push him away and flew a distance away from him.

I’m not scared to fight with him, I’m just scared that he might hurt my baby.

“Why don’t you take this easy…I won’t like to make love with you the hard way.” He said and I smirked.

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I positioned myself like someone ready to fight and he smiled as he did a front flit to me. I took two steps back and quickly flew to hit him with my knees.

He was quick to dudge it with his two palms.

He was not hurt anywhere.

He held his two blows and charged at me. We began to fight, he was just so skilled.

He was guiding practically all my blows.

His blow finally hit me in my nose and it made me staggered and loose control.

He didn’t wait for me I balance before he released two heavy blows into my face.

I fell to the floor and was now bleeding.

He looked at me while standing. “I didn’t want to hurt you. I’m only asking for one thing from you. Let’s make love?”

I nodded my head and did a front flit up.

We began to fight again but he defeated me again.

I was now weak that I could hardly lift a finger.

I knew he would be able to do exactly what he wants to do on me cause I have lost all strength.

He carried me to a room and strip-ped me off my clothes.