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Trillionaire Surrogate. Epilogue

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Trillionaire Surrogate.


Angela’s POV

Jason’s father sat in the same room with Jason and I.

“Jason, I’m glad you really find someone you love, I’m so happy for you?”

“Thanks dad. And…how is step mom and her son?” Jason asked.

“Doing well, let me know what day you will fix for your wedding so I can inform my Friends.” His dad said.

“Sure dad.”

“And…goodnews! ” his dad said and left us to guessing.

“I’ve decided that your brother will be coming to oversee the company here , you can come back home with your wife and manage the headquarter.”

“Are you been serious dad?” Jason asked shockingly.

“Very serious.” His dad replied with a smile and he stood to hug his dad.

“Take care.” His dad said and stood. I gave him a slight hug and watched him walk away.

Just as Jason’s father left, Sam and Dan walked inside.

“What!” I screamed as I saw them

Jason stood gently.

Sam and Dan knelt before Jason.

“Boss, please forgive us.” They both said.

“Indeed! You decided to work for the enemy and betray me, now you are coming to beg me, for what?” He asked.

“Employ us back please, our life is a mess. Your dad didn’t even give us attention anymore. Please.” Sam pleaded.

“No, I do not want both of you in my life.” Jason said and put a call across to the securities.

The securities came in and dragged Sam and Dan out.

Jason faced me with a smile.

“I never knew I can fall in love so easily.” He said.

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“I’m a type of woman that had a given up on life but life gave me another chance.” I replied.

He looked inside my eye and drew his face close. We kissed.

“I love you.” He said as we disengaged from the kiss briefly.

” I love you too.” I replied and he….????????????????

—Wedding day—

I was so glad to be dressed in my white bridal gown, Cynthia was my best lady.

Jason was dressed in his dark beautiful suit.

“Do you agree to love your wife in sickness and in health, in wealth and in poverty?” The pastor joining us together asked.

“Yes.” Jason replied and I blushed.

The man asked me the same question to which I reply ‘yes’

“Is there anyone here who sees any reason why we should not join both of them together?” The pastor asked and there was a pin drop silence.

“In the absence of an objection, I hereby join this lovely couple as legal husband and wife.” The pastor announced and the crowds cheered.

It’s the happiest moment of my life.

“May you now kiss the bride.” The pastor said.

Jason obliged and kissed me passionately.

The End.

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