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Trillionaire Surrogate. Chapter 17

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Trillionaire Surrogats.

Written by Featheds.

Chapter 17

Angela’s POV

I helped Jason out of the enemy’s camp, he was weak and could hardly speak. I feel so sorry for him.

I chattered a car to transport both of us to his house. On getting there, Sam and Dan ran to us and helped me carry Jason to his room.

Sam called the doctor and Jason got treated.

Few hours later!

Jason sent for me and I was going to heed his call when Sam double crossed me.

“Don’t take all the glory to yourself, remember that without us, you can not not find out the address of the place.” Sam said.

“You are not ashamed of yourself , if I had died there, what would you have said?”

“Well…I do not really care what happens to you. Thank your fate you are alive.” He said and walked away.

These guys are so heartless. I went to Jason’s room.

“Angela, please sit.” He signaled and I obliged.

“Thanks.” I said briefly.

“Erm…I’m grateful that you saved me. ”

“It’s alright sir. Anything for you. ”

“Hum! Are you certain that the baby inside of you is for me…cause I was wondering that many people would have slept with you after I did.” He said.

“No, I stopped working temporary as a prostitute after you made love with me, you were the last person to meet with me.”

“What if I….never mind. I’ll accept and take care of your baby. Thank you for saving me.”

“You are welcome sir.”

“I’m sorry for sending you out. How dd you find out where I was?” He asked.

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“Well, Sam and Dan marked out the place. ” I replied.

“Oh! You guys did pretty well.” He said and groaned slightly in the bed as he adjusted his position.

I wanted to tell him what Sam and Dan did after we climbed inside the enemies camp but I ignore. It’s not really necessary. What is most important is that I saved him.

“Don’t you think we should leave sir?”

“Leave? You mean leave California? That’s not possible. It’s a command from my dad.” He said.

“Hum! Maybe you should talk to him, those guys here are dangerous.” I said.

“Alright dear. I’ll be working on defeating them once and for all.”

“Really?” I asked knowing fully well that it is very impossible.

Well, I do not know what his plan is.

He smiled.

“You just watch. Can you cook for me?” He asked smiling.

That would be the first time he would be smiling at me.

“Sure!” I blushed as I walked out.