March 22, 2023

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Billionaire In Disguise. Chapter 9

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{ The crazy neighbor   }



I picked up the call and went to the locker room immediately.

found any lead?” I spoke the moment I picked up the call.

yes boss. Turns out the assassination was actually a smart one for they left no evidence except one. ” he paused.

what did you find?” I asked eagerly.

I found hand gloves and i took it to the lab for a forensic. Once the results are out I’ll let you know right away.” he said and I sighed.

alright thanks man.” I said and hanged up.

I wore my glasses and went back to taking orders.


I was done for the day and was the last to lock up as usual.

I locked up and boarded a cab to the residence.

The street was known for his peaceful co existence and well cleaned neighborhood.

I got outta the cab and dragged my feet to Mrs Anna’s doorstep.

Turned to look at the neighbors but the building seem quiet…

I wonder how she’s doing at the moment. Couldn’t deny the fact that she was an extreme Beautiful creature.

I heaved a sigh and walked into the apartment.

Kent wasn’t playing video games like previous nights.

stretched out abit and headed upstairs to my small but comfortable room.

I dropped my coat on the bed. And slowly unbuttoned my shirt and glance at the stitched up shoulder injury.

It looks all healed up though , I tried to get the bandage off but I ended up opening the injury.

I tried to cover it but I began to bleed profusely.

Wtf I just wanted to take a look at my injury.

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I managed to stop the bleeding and walked towards the bathroom for a bath.

My body stinks from all days work and needed a cool bath.

My thoughts drifted to mum. I wonder how she’s doing at the moment.

Is she thinking about me right now? Or has she forgotten about me?” I sighed at my hasty thought.