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Crazy Couple. Episode 8

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ???? He’s arrogant}

Written by Eunice Nwodu????
Short story❤


I stood beside Jeremy watching the firemen put out the fire in Jeremy’s car.

I feel so satisfied after destroying his Benz but I know he’s going to cook up his own plan.

Am not safe????

The firemen were done and a tow car towed the Benz out of the drive through.
The firemen left as well.

Jeremy grabbed me by my arm and pulled me roughly into the house.

The look on his face is unexplainable.

“Are you f-cking crazy??!
Have you lost your damn mind??!!” He barked at me.

What’s wrong with this guy?
He has six other cars parked at the Sanchez mansion.

“That’s what you get for asking a man with an oversized di*k to rape me” I jibed.

He rubbed his temple.

“I was just joking. I knew you hired them” he said rolling his eyes.

Oh, he knows I hired them.

“Stop crying about your stupid Benz.
You have more parked at your parents mansion” I stated.

“That was my favorite! You’re going to pay for this Stella” he said going up the stairs.

“Come on Jeremy. Am your wife, you can’t revenge on an innocent prank” I said making an innocent face

“Who said anything about revenge?
Since you love playing pranks,
Am going to join you in your little game. Just sit back and enjoy the ride” he grinned and left.

I looked around me.

What’s he planning??

I went to my room feeling angry and vengeful.
am f-cking gonna have my revenge but I’m going to make it special and a suprise to her.

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she’s never going to be expecting such.

I remember how pretty and good Stella looked when we met at my resturant. She’s goddamn cute now.

But am sure I saw a wedding ring on her finger or was it just for fancy?

I want to take her out and I just pray and hope she’s still single.

But how can someone as gorgeous still be single.

I should have proposed to her and made her mine when I had the chance back at high school, instead, I chased after Lindsey whom I wasted my time and effort on.

She cheated on me!
I once noticed Stella liked me but I still had her at the friend zone and saw her as my sister but now, am the one wishing and dying to see her again.


I went downstairs to make breakfast but got quite a shock.
Jeremy was in the kitchen, cooking??

Oh my God!
This looks abstruse.

Since when?

He passed me my plate of spaghetti on the table..
Then he dished his own meal.

“Is…is this mine?” I asked getting quite a shock.

He nodded.

“I just felt like cooking for the both of us since we’re married” he shrugged.

“Please wifey, take a seat” he said and I suddenly felt my brain spinning.

What’s he up to?

I sat down and took a fork.

“Please, taste the food” he said.

“No, you take a bite” I retorted.

He took a bite and ate it.
He took another one.

“Satisfied?” He asked and I nodded.

I began eating and trust me.
It was delicious.

So Jeremy, the rich spoilt brat can cook.
We were done eating and I cleared the plates.

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He went upstairs leaving me in deep confusion.

No, I won’t fall for his tricks.

He must be planning on how to eliminate me for setting his car ablaze.

I just need to act smart.


I got a call from mom asking me to come over at the Masion.


What does she want now?

I got ready and left. Atleast, the little witch saw me leave.
I entered my other car and drove off.
I can’t believe am riding in this small car thanks to my crazy wife.

I arrived and went to meet mom.


“Is she pregnant yet?” She asked immediately I entered her room.

“geez, give me a break mom. I married her with no feeling attached so don’t expect me to touch her after few days of marriage” I said obviously pissed off.

“Time is running out Jeremy. The quicker the baby comes, the better. I suggest you act like a man and mate with her. Just a night Jeremy, please… We must make sure she’s fertile in order to know what to do next if she’s not. Please Jeremy. Just one night” she begged almost in tears.