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Dream High. Chapter 41

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???????????? T.H.I.E.F (Dream High) ???????? ????

???? Who I Choose (Part 8) ????

An India love action story….

Chapter 4️⃣1️⃣

Written by

©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Continuation From the last Episode;

????️ Ashwini Pov ????️

“You are a fool, and I fucking hate you for this.” I said in anger, I wanted to punch him, punch that smug look of his off his face but I was also at fault. If I hadn’t led him on, he wouldn’t haven’t done what he did, I would have been with my phone and not dry humping into him like horny rabbits.

I tried calling Rohit back but he wasn’t picking, after trying my luck three times and it was unsuccessful, I tried the fourth time and the number was switched off.

Bobby returned and I vented my anger on him.

“Dad, if you don’t want to be sonless you’d better warn your son to stay out of my way from now henceforth or else….”

“Ashwini, I thought you loved my son, why can’t you give him a chance.” Bobby said to my surprise.

Is this old man fucking serious?

“I am not interested in your son Bobby.” Calling out his name was a huge surprise to him which didn’t fail to show on his face.

“Are you then interested in the prince?”

“For fuck sake Bobby, didn’t you hear me tell the fucking shitless boys that I am not interested in any of them? I am in love with someone else and your idiot of a son wants to ruin my beautiful relationship that I haven’t cemented yet.” I told Bobby and I could swear I saw relief, happiness, on his face as if he was expecting that.

“I will talk to my son Ashwini.”

“You better do, because the next time he invades my privacy, you won’t like what i will do to your son.” I made to move past him and his next words halted me.

“Is that a threat Ashwini?” Bobby asked.

I smiled at him.

“It is a promise.” I responded, taking the steps two at a time going to my room and grabbed my bike keys.

I left my house and drove towards Punjab.


Goa City (Palace):

????️ Khan’s Pov ????️

The drive to my palace was a quick one. My nose hurts and I know it’s broken. I didn’t know Ashwini punch would cause this damage but that only fuel my desire to have her at all cost.

“What happened to your face?” My father demanded once he saw me, no doubt I didn’t clean the blood well and my nose wasn’t straight. “Where you attacked? I told you to take your three guards with you, they are highly trained but you refused and went out alone. I have enemies Khan and you know my enemies, our enemies.”

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“Dad it was Ashwini that did this okay, I wasn’t attacked.” I told him.

He brought out his phone.

“She did that to you? I am having her arrested right no-”

I grabbed his phone with a little bit of force from his hands.

“I deserve it dad, I was the one who made her angry.”

“Now do you see what I said about her is true?”

“True, but that peaks my interest on her the more.” I told my father sincerely. “If I don’t have her then no one will.”

“Are you nuts? Are you mad?”

“Yeah, madly in love with her.”

“How can you believe you are in love with her? Someone you just met yesterday, only yesterday son.”

“My heart wants her, my body yearns for her dad, you won’t understand young true love. She will make a great queen, a strong Queen.” I told him.

“I still do not buy the idea of Ashwini but your happiness comes first, go to your room, I will call our family doctor to come and check on your nose.”

Hugging him and giving him back his phone. “Thanks dad.”

I left for my room.


Punjab City:

????️ Ashwini Pov ????️

I arrived at Rohit’s gate as quickly as I can and knocked on it with all my strength.

The same old man, Rohit’s father, opened the smaller gate and came out.

“Sorry sir for disturbing you, I am looking for Rohit.”

“Rohit just left here a few minutes ago.”

I swallow hard.

“Where did he go?”

“I don’t know, he did not tell me, he was looking very hurt and I am guessing you are the reason why he was in that foul mood.”

“Sir could you please tell him I came here and that I am sorry and he should pick my call.”

“I will tell him that whenever I see him.” He told me.

“Thank you sir.” I thanked and climbed my bike and drove off back home in disappointment, I was highly disappointed in myself. I had caused it.

When I returned home, I didn’t see Bobby or Arjun and my mother hadn’t returned from her supermarket. I went to my room and locked the door before I sat on my bed. It was only then I realized I wasn’t wearing a boot or shoe on my legs.

Jeez I wonder how I must have looked like on the bike.

I tried calling him again and it rang but he wasn’t picking.

I sent Rohit a text message.

???? I am sorry. Please pick your call and hear my own side of story. ????

A part of me hoped he replied me, but one hour later, no reply from him.

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Have I lost him for good? I hope not.

My mother returned thirty minutes latee and an hour later, Bobby and his son return and no one told her what happened.

It was later in the night after Bobby and his son had gone out for their business as I helped her to wash the used plates in the kitchen that I told her of Prince Khan visit.

“Khan was here?” She asked for the third time.

“Yes mum.” I replied sadly and then proceeded to tell her what Arjun did. “Will he ever forgive me mum? It feels like I’ve known him for long, I…I…I love him.” I said out the words.

I love Rohit and I hurt him.

“If you both are destined to be together, then don’t worry, everything will fall back in place.”

I nodded my head.

“Mum, I need to go and check on him.” I said glancing at my phone to see the time.

8pm sharp.

“Okay, just be careful.”

I nodded once more and hugged her before leaving the kitchen, going to get my bike keys and this time around, I wore a boot and headed out.


I knocked on Rohit’s gate, the lights from the gate and houses around including the street lights, lighten up everywhere. When the smaller gate opened, I was expecting to see Rohit’s father but saw the handsome devil himself.

He was wearing his usual, long shirt and trouser with his hands in his pockets.

I quickly ran to hug him and even though I felt him flinched, I didn’t let him go. He made no move.

“I’m sorry.” I whisper.

“What are you doing here shorty, it’s late and dangerous.”

“I came here to see you, to apologise.”

“There is no need for you to apologise, you did not offend me.”

“No, I did and I am sorry.”

“It’s okay, you just have to warn me next time not to call you when you are with your boyfriend.”

“Arjun is not my boyfriend, we are no longer together.” I said and when he didn’t say a word, I released my hold on him and stared at him. He was already staring at me. “It was a mistake and he lied to you, he made me horny and I fell for it, we didn’t do anything serious.” I explained myself. “Please I am sorry if that hurt you.”

“Go home shorty, I completely understand.”

“I am not going home until you have forgiven me.”

“I just told you I already have.”

“Then prove it.”

“Prove what?”

“That you have forgiven me.”


“By kissing me.”

“You don’t know what you are saying shorty.” He said, licking his lips. “Seriously, I have forgiven you.”

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“I want you to touch me.” I said.

“Did you drink before coming here?”

“No hotshot.”

“Then go home.”

“Not unless you drop me home yourself.”

“Okay, that I can do.”

“Then you kiss me afterwards.”

“You are impossible shorty.” He said. “Wait here.” He added and left, and two minutes later, the gate slid open and he drove out one of the cars outside. “Park your bike and hop your ass on my ride, I will bring your bike to you tomorrow.”

I quickly did as told and entered the car as the gate slid close.

The drive to my house was silent until I broke it.

“You are fucking handsome Rohit, I want to kiss you badly, I promised you I would touch you when we meet again didn’t?”

His lips twitched.

“We are in Bombay, give me the direction of your house.” He said instead.

I told him the direction and didn’t say a word.

I was hurt, he doesn’t want me. I have said all that I needed to say and yet he didn’t even say anything.

We reached Bobby’s house and he stopped.

“No, you are coming in with me, my mom wants to see you.” I told him firmly and didn’t step out of his car.

He stared at me briefly.

“Alright, if that will make you happy.”

I yelled out our gatekeeper name who rushed and opened the gate for Rohit to drive in. He parked and we came out of the car at once.

I walked him inside and saw my mother coming out of the kitchen.

The loud gasps from Rohit made me and my mother pause in our movement, my mother staring at me.

“Auntie Mehek.” He finally said, breathlessly, as if he was seeing a ghost.

“That’s my mum’s name, but how did you know her name when I haven’t told you?” I asked, turning slightly to face him. My mother came to stand beside me.

“You really have eyes, Ashwini.” My mother said with a large smile. You see, Rohit is very handsome. “So who is he?”

“The hot doctor, Rohit.” I replied smiling slightly.

“Auntie Mehek, it’s me. I thought you were dead.” Rohit said out of blue causing me to frown.

“Who are you?” My mother asked in a cold voice as she placed a protective hand on my shoulder.

“Don’t you remember the penthouse, palace, the slave boy you cared for, the engagement, Meera.” Rohit said and my mother was breathing fast. “It’s me, Rohan.”

This time around, it was my mother who let out a loud gasp as she let go of me in shock and surprise.

Okay, what’s going on. Why will Rohit call himself Rohan?