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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 3

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{14 Nights In His Bed}

Written by Author Izna.
©️Youngicee Stories.

Episode 03.


I grab my bag and quickly wear my shoe before walking out of the room to meet Carly already in the kitchen, cooking.
I’m exactly forty minutes late.

“Hey, you’re ready. I made breakfast, eat little before you leave. ”
She says, turning to me smiling and I shake my head before grabbing a apple from the bowl of fruit.

“I can’t. I’m more than late and you know how my prick of a boss can be. ”
I sigh before proceeding to walk away when she stops me.
I turn back and she throws keys at me. This is her car key.
I raise my head with my brows raised and she chuckles.

“That would be faster than a bus since you’re already more than late. ”
She smiles at me and I blow her a kiss before quickly walking out of the house with a apple stuck in my mouth.

I enter the car avd the engine roars to life.. I love this car so much. It drives really nicely .i chuckles and drop my bag on the other seat before starting it and driving out if the compound.
I use one hand on the steering wheel and the other to eat my apple.
I know I’m already in trouble and I wonder what type of punishment he has for me today.
He’s always having one punishment or the other.


I arrive at the office, almost nine and i quickly park the car, rushing out of it and running into the building.
Everyone turns to stare at me as I turn pass.
Yeah, they are probably used to be running every time I arrive.

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I roll my eyes at those than turned to look at me and I finally run into the elevator.
I press on the the floor number but of course, someone had to enter.
I groan loudly enough for the man that entered to hear before the elevator starts moving and I start saying a silent prayer.
Oh god. Please, whatever punishment he gives me. Let it not be too hard.

The elevator drops and I jump out of it, immediately rubbing across the hallway and I sigh as I finally arrive in front of his office.
I do a cross sign and I can hear some voices coming out if there already.. Seem like there’s someone in there with me.

I knock in the door, I can remember the last time I had barged inside.
There was a man with him. A serious meeting going known and without knowing, I started blabbing about being sorry for being late and not to punish me by asking me to kneel again.
I can still remember how angry he had being that day.
He almost fired me but that’s what I always rely on.
He may punish me as many times as he wants but he can’t fire me cause the manager that got the this job.
I don’t know what they means to each other though but I know he wouldn’t be able to fire me because of him.

He must have known that it’s me knocking in the door cause there was no answer and I scoff, waiting patiently by the door and stamping my feet against the hard tile waiting for whoever it is that’s in there to come out.

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After what feels like forever but it’s probably some minutes, a girl comes out of the office and shake her head as she sees me by the door.
Is she crazy?
She should be thankful I’m late already and I don’t have time for her.

I knock on the door once more and didn’t want for one in before I walk inside the office.
Quinn aka Mr Klein aka My prick aka Mr hot aka My boss is typing away on the computer without raising his head to even look at me.. I really guess he knows it’s me.

Without being told what to do, I drop my bag in the chair and kneel immediately with my head bowed.

“I didn’t ask you to do that. ”
His voice says and I raise my head immediately. He didn’t?

“This is the punishment you’re always giving me whenever I’m late. ”

“Which is like almost everytime right? ”
He raises his face from the screen to looks at him with his green eyes narrowing nine and I turn back my gaze away.

“I… ”
I start thinking of an excuse but he only chuckles.

“You don’t need to bring up and excuse. Anyways stand up, I need you to do something ”
Okay? This is really weird.
He isn’t punishing me?

“I’m having some guests coming in few minutes. I think ten or twenty so we need coffee, now you will go to the coffee shop you can see and bring us ten coffee. ”
The coffee shop is a little far but the punishment is better then kneeling.

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I smile and turn to leave but his next words made me stop right on my track.
“One by one. ”

Her punishment