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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 22

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{14 Nights In His Bed}

©️Youngicee Stories.

Episode 22.



“So you mean your boss has finally found out that you’re the one behind that mask and you had excepted him to sent you out of his office and tell you never to step foot into his company ever again but instead he’s offering you that deal once again with the fact that he’s gonna save you from everyone that’s been after you to pay their money.? ”
Carly raises her brows at me and she summarize everything that I told her immediately I walked through that door and I nod while she sighs, her brow creasing up.

She probably is wondering how that could gave happened. I don’t believe it myself. I still can’t wrap my head over that fact.

“Then this thing that he needs you to do. It’s badly important to him cause that’s the only explanation I have of why he would just let you go free without punishing or firing you and even offering you the deal despite how much you both can’t stand each other. ”
She winks at me and I roll my eyes but I know what she’s saying makes the perfect sense.

The only reason that he has probably allowed me to still stay in that office is because he needs me to do this job with him and this really makes the curious about the length he’s willing to go to get this thing done.
Fourteen days he says. Though I have no idea what I would be doing in his house for fourteen days, absolutely no idea but I know he doesn’t mean harm. He never does.

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Even though he hates me for a reason I can’t seem to figure out and I do the same to him, I wouldn’t deny the fact that Quinn is such a nice guy. I just refuse to admit it to him than to myself.

“Anyways, does this means that I wouldn’t be seeing you for the next fourteen days starting from tomorrow?”
Carly raises her eyebrows at me, making a face and I chuckle, shaking my head.

“No actually. It’s still undecided and I don’t know if I would be taking up the deal yet and besides if I do take up the deal, I don’t think he means right now. ”
I shrug and she stares at me as if I’ve said something terribly bad.

“You must be maddening. Absolutely maddening if you think you ain’t gonna take up the deal. Of course you are going to, okay. Give me one reason. Just one tangible reason that you don’t wanna take this up. ”
She raises her brows at me and I open my mouth to say something but nothing comes pot.
She’s right. I really don’t have a reason not to take this up.

“You see there. You have no reason not to. Now if you would excuse me, I need to go make you some congratulatory meals and goodbye in advance meals since Mr hot is stealing you away from me now. ”
She winks before walking away, towards the kitchen while I shake my head, watching her.

I guess I’m taking up the deal anyways

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