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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 9

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(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 9

By: Faith Lucky

Kyle’s pov:
I glanced at her through the front mirror. She looked clearly confused and curious. I smirked.

How can I get her laid with just being a driver that takes her to school and back? I need to get closer to her, possibly make her a friend.

I’ll be taking her to a place I used to visit alone. The view is amazing and I take most of my girlfriends there. Special ones just make them feel like they’re the only one i’m dating not knowing they have an opponent.

Back at the gang, we can’t just help but be players or should I say we enjoy having a girl just once.
And unfortunately, Chloe here is gonna fall victim. Am surely going to win that bet and daddy’s brat here will be pregnant.

Her moans will be just like music to my ears.
I was right about her. She’s loaded both sides and I can’t wait to get a load of her.

“Driver! Where are you going? Where are you taking me??” I heard her ask sternly.

I turned and shot her a stare.
She wore a frown and am almost forced to laugh at the expression on her face.

She’s so beautiful.

“Wait till we get there” I grouse and she clicked her tongue.

“I hope this won’t be a waste of my time” she remarked squinting her eyes.

“I promise you, you’re gonna love it!” I grinned and she leaned back on the chair.

She’s quite sassy and clearly arrogant.

I sped up before she unleashes her anger on me.
I watched her take selfies from the front mirror.

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Yeah…she’s cute and so s*xy.

F**king her will sure be like heaven.
Hearing her call my name weakly with those glossy lips of hers as I go deeper into her.

I’ll be the worst guy she ever had in bed. That’s for sure.

We arrived at the place and I parked the car somewhere secluded.
I got down and went over to her door.
Chloe’s pov:
Where are we?

I looked around the place strangely. Where is this place?

There were trees and rocks.
I wonder why the driver brought me here.

He opened the door and stretched his hand to me to hold onto it.
I glanced at his hand. It doesn’t look hundred percent clean to me.

I climbed out of the car without his help before taking a proper look.

I could hear a loud sound of water moving and splashing. There’s a waterfall nearby.
And the air here is just…
I closed my eyes as the gentle wind pushed my hair across my face.

“Come on ma’am” the driver said and began walking ahead of me.
I followed him watching my step since the ground was filled with so much rocks I’ve never seen before.

We moved upwards since it seemed like an erosion took place hear.
The ground wasn’t leveled and some parts were higher than the others.

We walked for barely a second when I twisted my ankle.

“Ouch!” I gasped and Kyle turned.

He ran to me and carried me into his arms in a bridal style.

Cold chills ran down my spine the moment his soft hand brushed my butt as he moved to my lower lap.

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The pain around my ankle wasn’t severe or much but I felt like my whole world was falling apart.

“Take me back, right now!” I ordered getting angry.

“Relax Ma’am. Once we get there, you won’t regret it. I promise” he said and winked at me.

I wrapped my hands around his neck and he began walking again.
After a few minute, he stopped and brought me down.

He must be so strong cause am quite heavy and even Brandon, my ex couldn’t carry me while we were dating. His efforts were a huge slurp.

I stood to my feet and the moment I turned around, my mouth was left hanging at the magnificent sight before me.

A huge waterfall with lots of water streaming down.
I gasped and covered my mouth with my hands. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I brought down my school bag from my shoulder and got a hold of my cellphone.

“It’s pretty cool, right?” Kyle asked and that was when I remembered I wasn’t alone.

I took some photos of the waterfall before handing my phone to him.

I went back and posed the way I wanted.
“Alright! Take a picture!” I ordered and he chuckled.

He clicked the camera a few times and I changed the way I posed.

“Um…there’s something on your hair” he said walking to me.

I gasped totally lost.
“Where?” I asked Flapping my hands in the hair like a helpless girl.
Kyle’s pov:
I chuckled.
“I was just joking. Yeish..Do you love yourself this much?” I asked enthusiastically.

She rolled her eyes.
“You know what, give me back my phone!” She rapsed and snatched it from me.

I turned to the view.
“I’m so going to bring my friends here later” she jibed to herself and that made me think about her love life.

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“Do you have a boyfriend?” I asked and she snapped her head at me.
She held a crumpled look.

“That’s really not your business” she dead panned before walking past me.
“Take me home to my dad, right now!” She ordered before walking back to the place the car is.

I watched her sway her big ass left and right.

I rolled my eyes.
She’s so bossy. And right now, I feel like throwing her inside this stream below but of course, not now. She’s my ticket to becoming a trillonaire.