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DG. Episode 72

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Semi Final!

Written by Feathers.

Episode 72

Kaden’s POV

After the euphoria, I signalled for Ivy to confess as she has promises.

Ivy turned to Kyle and with a pathetic face she said; “I’m sorry Kyle, I was the one that reported you to the cops.”

“I know, that was why I never searched for you when I didn’t hear from you. You were the only one I told, when the cops started coming after me, I knew only you could have told them. I know that love is the weakness of this game.” Kyle said to my surprise.

“You knew? And you never acted?” I asked Kyle.

He raised his head to me and smirked; “I love her, my only act will be to kill her and I will never do that, so I just keep watching her.”

“I’m sorry Kyle, I’m now a change somebody, I promise that I will never do something of such anymore.” She apologized.

“I love you Ivy, you know that? Do you have to betray me?” Kyle asked.

“I’m sorry, I was blind and dumb then, please forgive me.” Kyle’s face looked teary and he drew Kyle to himself. .

He dragged her to himself and they both stood to hug.

I was really happy for them.

“Since everyone is confessing the truth, Kian, I want to tell you that I was the one that took your sinners gang ID to Adam Seth’s house to implicate you. I’m sorry.” Jace said.

“Jace, so you lied that you are an undercover agent for the government?” Chloe asked.

“Yes, I lied. I never loved you, I just wanted to inpregenate you to get the money.” Jace said.

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“What money?” Chloe asked.

“Chloe! I guess I have one more thing to tell you.”kian said and Chloe turned to him.

” Hope this will not break my heart again?” Chloe asked.

“Chloe! We placed a bet on you. Kyle, Jace and I. That whoever deflowers you first will get all the money in the sinners gang account.” I said.

“My days!” Chloe exclaimed and rested her forehead on Kian’s chest.

Everywhere was quiet for a while as we all waited for Chloe’s reaction.

“I don’t care what you do Kian, I’ve forgiven you.” Chloe said and hugged Kian tight.

I clapped happily as others joined me.

I was surprised to hear a knock on the door, none of us was expecting anyone.

Kyle walked to the door and opened it. The cops walked in with guns in their hand.

“You are under arrest.” They said and we all raised our hands up in surrender.

Kian, Jace and Kyle were hancuffed and taken away.

The rest of us were all sad.

Chloe’s POV

I cried before my dad, I was mourning the arrest of Kian and his brother.

My father is fine and was now at home.

“Chloe! You won’t tell me what is wrong? Tell me please?” He asked for the umpteenth time.

He had been asking but I only kept crying.

He had no idea what is happening with me.

“Kian and his friends had been arrested by the cops.” I said.

“You know he had proposed to me and now he had been arrested.” I added.

“Those boys…I was informed he heads the sinners gang?” My dad said.

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It’s obvious their faces were now in the news.

“Yes dad, he has changed. Please help me use your influence to get him out.” I pleaded.

“Chloe! Common! Let this boys suffer.”

“Dad, he’s the one I want to marry in the future, see the ring already…please dad, I may die if I continue crying at this rate.” I threatened.

“My days! Chloe, if only you know what this boys had done to my business.. ” He paused and thought. “Fine, let me speak to the Vice President and see if he can help.” My dad said.

“Vice President? You know the Vice President?”

He smirked as he stood. “He’s a good friend of mine, I’ll be back.” He walked away.

About forty five minutes later , he walked back.

“I’d spoken to him.” He said as he sat.

“Can he help?” I questioned.

“The court was to grant them 30 years in jail tomorrow.” My dad said.

“What! ” I screamed.

“Yes… But I promised the Vice President a sum of $10 million dollar if he can stand as a guarantor for them, if a person of his status does, they will be released after six months and if they commit any future offence, the Vice President will be hold as an accomplice in their crime. Better be sure that they have changed Chloe?” My dad said.

“Dad, I promise. You won’t regret this.” I said to him.

“Fine, I’ll be forwarding the money to him then. ”