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DG. Episode 69

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Episode 69

Kian’s POV

“Chloe!” I called. Her mouth were dropped in shock. She just kept staring at me.

She ran to where the man lay and checked if she was still breathing.

“Kian!” She called my name almost silently even as her mouth shakes.

I could feel how feeble and scared she suddenly became around me and of me.

“You….killed her?” Those words potruded out of her mouth shakily, weakly and almost silently.

I can’t find tears on her eyes but I can discern that her eyes is absorbing the pain.

Her eyes was red.

Chloe su–nk to the floor and darted her face to that man.

Tears finally fell like heavy rains from her eyes. She cried louder like a baby while I simply watched.

It’s over for me now, I know.

Few moments after she had cried her pain out. She swallowed and stood.

“You killed him?” She asked to confirm.

“Yes, I did.” I answered plainly. I hide my remorse.

I guess it’s time for her to see me for who I really am.

A criminal – yes
The head of the sinners gang- yes
A killer – yes
And a thief – yes.

I really wish I could change but fate seems to be playing a fast one on me.

“Few minutes ago, just after you walked out of the room, my memories started to come back. It rushed in , in such an incredible way. I now remember everything about my past. I actually came outside to inform you only to see you murdering the man. Who are you, Kian?” She asked?


She interrupted. ” Can you please not call my name. It doesn’t fit your mouth. Who are you people?”

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“I’m Kian, a criminal, a thief and the head of the sinners gang.” I replied honestly.

She couldn’t have read any remorse on my face cause I was hiding it.

But at that point, my heart was bleeding. i guess the truth I had been trying to hide had refused to stay hidden.

“I didn’t hear that…” She said as she adjusted back. “Did you say you are the head of the sinners gang?”


“And Kaden is a member?” She asked.

“Kaden is not part of us.”I replied.

” How then did he possess the sinners gang ID?”

I explained how Kaden ended up having the ID to her.

I didn’t inform her about Jace and Kyle.

“Kian!…” She called my name with her hand on her forehead.

She went to lean by the wall of the house while I watched.

Would she call cops now?

Am I going to go to jail just like that?

“Kian!” I heard someone call from behind and on turning, it’s Kaden.

His face looked pale, he had been bandaged on the shoulder.

“Kaden!” I called and watched as he tries to walk painfully to where I stood.

He darted his face to Chloe and I. He then walked to Chloe and held her hand.

“Come Kian!” He called and I walked to them.

“You confessed the truth to her right?” Kaden asked me.

“Plus she has recollected all her past too.” I said.

“I was your first love Chloe and I love you but the love my brother has for you in unquantifiable. ” He said to my surprise.

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“Kaden did what he did then cause of reason, he’s not ready to spill it but I’m certain he will spiill it at the right time.

Chloe looked at me. Our face were now fixed to each other.

” I didn’t bring up your past cause I was trying to have you back, I brought out your past cause I wanted Kian to confess the truth to you.” kaden said.

“Chloe! What you have for me is pity and not love. You stopped loving me after you lost your memory, the memories may be back now but we both know , you love Kian with passion. The truth hurts but it’s better you know.” Kaden added.

Chloe stood and approached me.

She stood right before me and with tears in her eyes, she said; “You could have told me all this while, as long as you are willing to change, I’ll accept you.” Chloe saidd and hugged me.

What! I can’t believe this is happening. I had already seen myself in jail.

Tears fell from my face, I hide the truth from Chloe cause I thought she will loathe me with passion and report me to the cops but she didn’t.

“Tell me you love me.” Chloe said to me.

I wanted to confess that I truly love her but as I tried to open my mouth, tears was what was potruding.

The more I try to talk is the more tears fell from my eyes.

I do not believe I can be accepted this way.

Chloe disengaged the hug and cleaned my tears but more tears kept pouring.

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I dra–gged her close and hugged her ti–ght.

“Thanks for accepting me the way I am.” I finally was able to say.

“You accepted me when I had sickle cell too. Deep down in my heart, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I love you.” She said as she disenga-ged the hug

She faced Chloe and said; “Do we have your blessings?”

Kaden smiled and hugged the both of us.

“How else can I pay someone that gave me life.” kaden said as we all hugged.

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