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DG. Episode 71

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Episode 71

Ivy’s POV

My eye opened, everywhere was dark that I could barely see myself.

I try to raise my hand and I could. I remembered that I was shot. Is this perhaps hell?

How come no one is here? The darkness was thick and I started to get frightened.

Am I alive?

The light shone all of a sudden and I saw someone sitting at the edge of the room. His face was familiar.

Now, I remember. He was the one that looks like Kian, he had once saved me when I went to sell something to some gangsters.

I stared around the room to see how it was.

“Were… you the one that shot me?” I asked standing still.

“I am.” He replied briefly.

“What’s my offence?” I asked.

“Well, I was lucky to see you come out of the station one day and I had seen you with Kyle once. I knew you might be sni-tching on him and if you are, many people would be implicated such as the closest of persons to me. I had to shut you up.” He explained.

“I wasn’t switching on anyone.” I lied.

“One of the cop in the station you went is a friend to my father when he was alive, I asked and he told me. You want to lie again?”

At that point, I was dumbfounded.

“You lie, you cheat and you steal but you are reporting the person that loves you so much thinking you are protecting him, oh no! You are worse than Delilah.” He rebuked.

I kept gazing, I was now feeling guilty.

“If I were a killer, I would have killed you. I only gave you another chance and hoped that you won’t misuse it, what you did not know is that you are not better than Kyle cause you steal too.” He rebuked further.

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I cried and knew at that point that I was wrong, It was something I shouldn’t have thought of doing.

I was wrong by reporting my boyfriend.

“Two things are involved, either I kill you to shut you up or…you promise to keep your mouth shut for life.” He said.

“I promise to keep my shut for life.” I quickly promised.

“Everyone would have chosen that, do you feel guilty at all?” He asked.

“Yes…I was wrong.” I replied.

“To prove that you won’t sn-itch on Kyle anymore, tell him the truth, tell him that you snit-ched on him and that you were wrong.”

“Ha! He will hate me and chase me away.” I replied.

“My brother was like you, trying to hide the truth from the person he loves, but I always believe the truth should be told irrespective of the consequence. A relationship built on lies is like a house build on a sinking sound, it will sink at some point in the future. A relationship built on truth is like a house built on rock, it will last forever. ” He counselled and I cried.

“I will tell him.” I promised.

Chloe’s POV

I was with my dad at the hospital, I was happy that he’d been responding to treatment.

“Dad…” I called and he turned to me.

He cried and raised his hand to touch my cheek.

“I’m sorry, Chloe.” He apologized.

“But you have done nothing wrong dad.” I said.

“You thought I was meek but you saw me holding a gun, I was only trying to protect you.”

“I understand dad, I do not have any bad impression against you, dad. I love you.”

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“I love you too.” He cried out and I consoled him.

Few minutes later, after I had watched my dad sleep off. I received a call on my phone , on checking whom the caller was, it was Jace.

No! Same Jace that wanted to ra-pe me? Same Jace that pointed a gun to my head? No! I’m not picking his call.

He should be thankful that I’m yet to report him to the cops.

My phone rang again, I was almost pressing the red button thinking it was Jace again only to see Kyle as the caller.

I picked it immediately.

“Hello Chloe! ” His voice was shaky and fear could be seen in it.

“Kyle, what’s wrong?” I asked quickly.

“It’s Kian…It’s Kian…”

“What happened to Kian?” I asked as my heart pounded against my rib cage. I was so scared that something evil might have happened to Kian.

“Just come to the penthouse, come now…” He said and hung up.

Oh my days! What could be going on?

I ran out and drove straight to the penthouse.

I alighted from the car hurriedly and ran as fast as my leg could take me inside the penthouse.

I was surprises to see Jace, Kyle, Ivy and Kaden.

“What’s going on? Where’s Kian?” I asked and stared around but no one responded?

Their face expressed sad and the fear in me grew from the rate of 10 to 100.

I ran to where Kyle stood and held him by the collar of his cloth and I yelled in tears; “Where is Kian?”

He simply shook his head pathetically and lowered it like something evil had happened.

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I shook him painfully, not even having any idea of what was happening but I knew it’s something saddening.

“Tell me please.” I cried and was almost fainting.

Nothing must happen to Kian, I have now loved him so much that I may not be able to live without him.

“I’m here baby?” I heard Kian’s voice behind me and my cries seized immediately.

I turned slowly to him and I received the greatest shock of my life when I saw Kian kneeling in a proposal format and holding a ring box that contained a golden ring.

I looked around at everyone present and I saw them all smiling.

They began to clap and cheer me up.

I blushed greatly and covered my eyes.

“Will you marry me? ” Kian asked and I melted.

“Yes.” My reply came slowly as I stretched my fin-ger to him.

He inse-rted the ring inside my finger. He stood and we hugged tightly.

One more episode to go. ????