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Dream High. Chapter 47

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???????????? Like Before Reading, Please ????????????

???????????? T.H.I.E.F (Dream High) ???????? ????

???? Who I Choose (Part 14) ????

An India love action story….

Chapter 4️⃣7️⃣

Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Continuation From the last Episode;

????️ Ashwini Pov ????️

I smirked a little and said with a smug smile. “You told me I am a princess so I better start behaving like one.”

My mother nodded her head with a smile embedded on her lips. “Yes, but don’t tell anyone what I just told you, except Rohit.” She told me.

“Of course mum.”

“Since the prince is no longer here, I should come out of my hiding place.” She said and left my room.

I quickly went to my bed and picked up my phone. I had left there and typed just four words and sent it to Rohit.

‘I know your secret.’

I went to have my bath and when I came out of the bathroom, I quickly went through my phone to see if Rohit had called or sent a message.


I tried to call him but his line wasn’t going through.

I hurriedly wore my underwear and decided to wear a Jean trouser and top. I left my room with my phone in my pocket and heard noise coming from the kitchen area, I walked towards the kitchen and met my mother cooking.

“Bobby called, he is at the hospital and wants me to bring food to Arjun quickly.” My mother said without turning around to face me.

“How is Arjun doing now? I haven’t called to ask him about his condition. I put him in that condition. I ought to feel bad about it but I am not, does that mean I am wicked?” I asked, going to help wash some carrots.

“No, it’s okay to feel that way sometimes.”

“I texted and called Rohit but his number isn’t going.” I said in a worried tone. “I don’t know if he is in trouble.”

“Ashwini, Rohit is not like Arjun, he can take care of himself. And besides, he is a doctor, he might be very busy with his patients, so be patient with him. Since you said you sent him a text message, he will respond to it once he sees it.”

“Can I follow you to the hospital? At least let me see how Arjun is faring?”

“If you are sure, you can. But we will first of all eat to our fill before we head out to the hospital.”

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“I thought you said Bobby told you to hurry up.” I said with a tiny smile.

Facing me, “Well eating to our satisfaction won’t kill Arjun.”

Later on, after we had eaten and rested a bit, we drove to the hospital with my mum’s car.


Seeing Arjun in that condition had me pitying him, his teeth were complete, just that he had bandages around his nose and I spotted some bruises too, his nose was broken but the doctor had set it right and had it bandaged. He refused to talk or even look at me or my direction.

Even when I volunteer myself to feed him, sitting next to him on his bed ignoring Bobby’s heated gaze, Arjun still won’t look at me, he will sometimes stare at me and look away. This he did until he finished eating his food.

My mother and Bobby left Arjun ward to talk privately leaving me and Arjun alone.

“I am sorry I hurt you like this Arjun.” I said once we were alone.

He didn’t say a word.

I stood up and was about to walk out of his ward when his words stopped me.

“This isn’t over Ashwini, no one will have you and if I can’t have you, then just prepare to die in my hands. I will kill you and kill myself.”

Returning my gaze to him, “Arjun, you and Khan should keep dreaming high because all what you said will only happen in your dreams not in reality.”

“You did this to me because of him, right? I won’t forget this Ashwini, I will pay him back in his own coin. Tell him to get ready.”

“For a guy who got beaten by a girl, you really have a loose mouth.”

“Your only mistake you did was not killing me that night, and I survived. I did not want to touch you, I did not want to hurt the one I love the most and that was why I had let it go, why I had told my dad not to involve people, you are a strong fighter but every fighter has his or her own weakness, just tell him to always watch his back because when I strike, it rain down blood. I love you Ashwini and I am not losing you to him or Khan, and when I am out of this hospital, I am getting married to you that same day, either by willingly or with force.” He told me and I could sense he meant it.

What is wrong with Arjun? Can’t he take a simple no. I don’t want him, I don’t even like him anymore.

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“Dream high until then.” I said with a scoff pushing off his threats to a side as I left his ward.

I met my mother and Bobby talking and Bobby left her and entered his son’s ward. Probably thinking I’d killed him.

“He was asking why I had refused to meet Khan.” My mother said as we walked towards her car. “I told him you had locked me up in your room when you sighted the prince car.” She added.

We entered her car and drove out of the hospital premises. I didn’t tell her about Arjun’s meaningless threats.


That evening when the time was almost 10pm, Rohit called.

I picked it up.

???? Hello beautiful ????

I smiled when I heard his deep baritone voice.

????Hi, I have been expecting your call.????

???? Sorry, was very busy with doctor Amol today and hasn’t been long I came home.????

???? Okay ????

???? You said you know my secret, care to tell me what secret my Queen? ????

????I know that my real name is Aishwarya and that you are helping me avenge my father’s death because I lost my memories, am I right ????

???? Who told you? ????

????My mother. I just want you to know that I am with you so whatever you are planning, don’t forget to add me ????

He was quiet for a minute or so.

???? I don’t want you to get hurt my beautiful Aishwarya ????

???? And you’ve seen what I can do ????

???? This is different, you protected me with your life when we were little and now it’s my turn to do the same. ????

????I can still help you hotshot. Khan likes me, I can use that as an advantage. ????

???? Don’t let him come any closer to you, you are forever mine ????

I could hear his jealous voice and that made me wet and aroused.

????And you are mine for life hotshot. ????

I told him licking my lips.

???? I already know that beautiful. I got to go, I will talk to you tomorrow morning before I head to work, okay ????

???? Okay, good night hotshot ????

???? Good night beautiful ????

He ended the call and I smiled.

I went to take my bath.

Two hours later, I was still aroused and I needed Rohit.

I picked my phone to text him, I don’t know if he was sleeping by now or….

????Are you awake????

Almost immediately, he texted me back. ????You caught me, why are you still awake, beautiful?????

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????Yes, can’t sleep????

????What’s wrong beautiful?????

????Was thinking about you.????

????Hope it was good thoughts?????

????Yes, very. Thinking how I would feel when you slide into me, you know what I mean????? I texted him and await his reply


An idea came to me. I left my room and tiptoed out of the house, pushing my bike as I woke up the gatekeeper to open the smaller gate for me and told him where I was going in case my mother asked. I didn’t start the bike until I had covered some distance before I started it and drove straight to Punjab in just my pajamas.

????Did you fall asleep beautiful? I know you were teasing me.???? Rohit text message showed.

And I quickly use one of my hands to type a reply.

????Sorry got lost in another thought again.????

????Care to share with me?????

????I was thinking whether or not you sleep naked.????

He didn’t replied me immediately and that gave me more time to speed up along the quiet road.

????I will tell you but I am curious about how you’d react to it.????

His new text message came. I stopped my bike at the front of his gate then texted him.

????Open your gate.????

????Open my gate? Why?????

In the space of one minute, the gate opened and the astonishment on his face when he saw me leaning against my bike was priceless. I tried not to laugh and succeeded.

“I thought we could talk about this in person instead.” I told him.

As he stood there frozen, my gaze swept over him, his dark short hair was in disarray and the trouser he was putting on didn’t do any justice to hide his arousal and it fuelled my desire.

“Are you going to stand there staring or are you going to let me in?” I asked him, licking my lips, his eyes watching my movement.

I pushed my bike inside his compound to park it when he didn’t respond and I turned around to see him very close to me.

“Good surprise?” I asked as the gate closed behind us.

“You have no idea.” He said breathlessly, staring at me.

“Oh, I think I have some idea.” I said, glancing down at the way his erection hadn’t subsided, it has grown in size.

Yes, coming over to his house was a very good decision and I can’t wait to get that huge hot piece of meat in my mouth.