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Dream High. Chapter 49

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???? Who I Choose (Part 16) ????

An India love action story….

Chapter 4️⃣9️⃣

Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

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Continuation From the last Episode;

????️ Writer Pov ????️

Rohan opened his eyes and sit upright quickly, he noticed two things first.

The warm body besides him and he realized he was still breathing.

Still breathing!!

He is alive!!

He touched his jaw and body in shock.

He had accepted the fact that he loved Aishwarya and was expecting to die but got the opposite.

He is not dead…..did the creator somehow hear his prayers and prevent him from dying. He was sure the creator did if not he wouldn’t have opened his eyes.

Or was it just a joke from the boy he had made his promise to years back?

No, he was standing on a bridge when he made that promise, he died, so something must have prevented him from dying.

His gaze went to Aishwarya and he smiled.

She didn’t feel repulsed when she saw his body, instead she had looked at him with love in her eyes and they had made sweet love.

She loves the way he looks and didn’t fail to tell him that.

He felt on top of the world and he leaned forward to press his lips on her cheeks.

He got out of bed and checked the time. It was 5:40am.

He walked to his bathroom naked to have his bath.

By the time he was out, Ashwini was awake and wearing back her clothes.

“Good morning hotshot.” Ashwini said with a large smile.

“Morning beautiful.” Rohan acknowledges her greetings. He was stark naked and wasn’t ashamed of his body or how it looks like, Aishwarya had stared at him with affection, as if he was a very expensive painting. “I hope you rested well?” He asked.

“Yes I did thanks to you.” Ashwini said and winked at him, wearing her shoes. “But, in as much as I want to stay here with you hotshot, I need to go back home. My mother will be worried by now. I didn’t tell her where I was going or that I was going out and she has called me multiple times and I didn’t answer. She will be pissed off.”

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“Okay, I understand.” Rohan said. “We will chat on the phone, I will tell my father of your coming.” He added and Ashwini nodded her head.

Maybe Mehek hadn’t told her she isn’t her biological mother and he doesn’t want to bring that up or correct her.

“Thanks love.” Ashwini said. “I promise I will come and spend time with him so that he will get to know his future daughter in-law.”

Rohan smiled. “I would like that, beautiful.”

Checking the time on her phone she smiled apologetic to Rohan. “I have got to start going now.”

Rohan went to meet her and pull her into his body, hugging her, kissing her hair that wasn’t combed. “I am so happy that you find me handsome, even if in my condition.” He said as they stared into each other eyes.

“Hotshot, believe me when I say that your handsome face covers everything. And besides, you are truly beautiful inside out, even without your looks I will still fall for you. I count myself lucky to have you.” Ashwini said with happiness.

“Have you taken a mirror to see yourself beautiful? You are the most beautiful woman I have ever set my eyes on right from when you gave me my name. I should be the one happy that you love me, instead of Arjun.” Rohan told her.

Hearing the name of Arjun made Ashwini remember his threats but push that thought at the back of her mind as she focused on the lips of her beloved.

Arjun wouldn’t do anything like he had threatened.

“And you also forget to mention Khan.” Ashwini said with a smile.

Rohan frowned. He knew that Khan came to Bobby’s house but he has no idea the reason for his coming.

“Prince Khan is interested in you?”

“Yes, and he keeps coming even when I have rejected his advances. He wouldn’t let me go, he keeps calling me his wife and I don’t like it.”

“Stay away from him, he’s bad news. And I don’t want to lose you to him or to anyone.”

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“I don’t like him, he isn’t my hotshot. Though my mother had told me what his father did, his useless father killed my father.” Ashwini told him. “She said you also know.”

“Yes I know that’s why I am telling you to stay away from him.”

“I wish I could beat him up like I did to Arjun but I can’t. He is still the prince and will get away with any crime he commits, even if he kills me.”

“If anyone is dying then is them, you have me Aishwarya, and I will never allow any harm to come on you, I promise.” Rohan said. “I love you Aishwarya with everything in me, with all my life. I am sorry I couldn’t say it back to you when you said it.” He added.

“I am happy hearing it from you now hotshot. Even if there are ten thousand Khan or Arjun and there is just one Rohan, I will choose you. You are the one I choose hotshot and nothing will change that.” Ashwini said.

Rohan leaned forward to kiss Ashwini who tilted her head so that Rohan will have better access to her lips.

They kissed so passionately until their lungs screamed for air.

“Will I be too greedy if I say I can’t get enough of you beautiful?” Rohan said with a smile.

“No Rohan but I really have to go.”

Rohan quickly put on a boxer and followed Ashwini out of his room.

Climbing her bike as the gate slides open in front of her. She threw Rohan a kiss in the air, started her bike and drove off.

Rohan went back inside with a huge smile to start preparing for work.


After successfully entering Bobby’s compound without waking them, she had switched off her bike before she reached the gate and had knocked quickly before the gatekeeper answered her. Tiptoeing inside the house, she climbed the stairs carefully so as not to wake her mother and Bobby.

She had successfully opened her room door and entered.

She quickly sent a message to Rohan.

‘Just got home now, what we did was great and I can’t wait to ride on you.’

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“Really, you want to ride on him Ashwini?” Mehek’s voice greeted her ear which startled her that she nearly screamed, her phone fell down from her hands as she turn around to face a laughing Mehek who burst out laughing when she saw the look on Ashwini’s face.

“Mum, how did you enter without me hearing you?” Ashwini asked, touching her heart with one of her hands.

“Well if you can tiptoe out of the house by the time you did and return, why can’t I do the same? Besides I am learning from you and I must admit, you are really a great teacher.” Mehek replied with a shrug. “So you and him finally did it?”

Blushing a little. “Yeah.”

“It’s not as if I am poking my nose in your affair with Rohan but I hope you used protection because I am too young to become a grandmother.”

“Mum, please leave my room.”

“Fine, i will leave your room young lady, but we are going to talk tomorrow and I am going to teach you how to pick your phone calls whenever you see my number and how to leave a message to me before tiptoeing out in the middle of the night.” Mehek told her and she left, closing the door behind her.

Ashwini picked up her phone.


Amar was seen with Lady Meera inside her chamber.

“And how are you sure she is Aishwarya?” Lady Meera asked.

“I…I have been monitoring her for a while now ever since I read the boy’s thoughts.”

“Who is she anyway?” Lady Meera demanded.

“You will get to see her at Khan’s party. I think the prince loves the girl.”

“Well do something, I can kill her myself but you know these days, I am always busy and I hardly go out.”

“I know my lady, I just need time to make physical touch with her through her palm and it’s not going to be that easy.”

“Then use your magic and kill her.”

Amar laughed out and stopped. “Forgive my manners, my Lady, but I wouldn’t have told you of my suspicions if I hadn’t tried to kill her. My magic can’t penetrate her, my Lady, something or someone who is stronger is protecting her.”