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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 12

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???? {My Boss Demands}????

EPISODE 12. {His Weird Demand.}




I breathe out as I finally arrive at the office and I quickly check the time to see that it’s just five minutes after seven. I’m still on time because he had said that I have their minutes after seven.

With a smile on my face as I mentally pat myself on the back for actually been able to make it to work just like I had targeted and even more earlier than I thought it was going to be.

I greet some people that I saw on the way to the elevator and I’m very surprised that their are people who comes so early to work.

I get inside the elevator to see a guy standing in it already, he smiles at me as I walk in and I slightly bow to him, nervously drumming my feet against the metal ground.

“Are you here for the interview? ”
The guy beside me asks and I turn to look at him.
He has deep brown eyes, his black hair is really short than normal and he’s dressed in expensive suit that looks really good on him.

“I thought that you would be. I mean your actions are that of those that’s nervously waiting for something to be done. ”
He says and I chuckle before nodding.

“Yeah, I’m actuality waiting for something. You’re right about that but I’m not here for the interview, I already got employed and this is my second day here. ”
I smile politely at him and he nods, returning the friendly smile.

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“You’re a newbie! Well that explains the stomping of the feet. So what job did you offered for? ”
He asks once again and I couldn’t help but to chuckle at his words.

“I’m assisting the Alexander McQueen. And you? ”
I raise my brows at him and he gasps a little before nodding his head then shrugging.

“When I heard that the boss was going to get a assistant. I thought that it would be done old woman but I can say that this is really good. It’s far from what I had expected. ”
He smiles at me once again and I nod. “I work in the strategy department by the way. ”
He smiles once again. He must love smiling very much. I don’t think the number of times he has smiled since I wanted this elevator can be counted.

“Well, that’s good. I’m sure that you’re doing a very good job. That’s why the company is still moving. ”
He nods before fanning himself dramatically to demonstrate his pride and I couldn’t help but to laugh once again, the same time the elevator had dinged.

“Well, I have to go now. It was nice meeting you. ”
He smiles at me and I nod as I watch him walk out of the elevator while I do the same and others walks inside it.

I start walking down the hallway that’s gonna lead to his office when I hear him call me.

“Miss, I didn’t catch your name. ”
He says as I turn back and I smile at him.

“Lyla. Lyla brown. ”

“Hardin Smart. It was nice meeting you Lyla. ”

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I nod once again before turning back and walking down the hallway that finally leads to his office and I gently tap on the door even though I can already see him from outside here before its a transparent glass and I’m surprised that he has made it to work this early.

This thing just be really important to him, I guess.

“Welcome Lyla. ”
His voice comes through and the inside of my stomach warm once again as I hear my name leaves his lips.

I smile and pull in before pulling the door open and walking in after closing it behind me.

“Good morning sir. ”

“Lyla. Welcome, I’m glad that you decided to make it this early. ”

I chuckle. “I had to sir. You said you had something for me? ”

“Impatient I see.. ”
He smiles and raise his head from what he’s doing, his eyes locking with mine and making my heart flutter, yet once again.

“Give me some minutes. I just need to finish something here. ”
I nod and stare around the office while picking at my fingernails.

“Okay Lyla. Now let’s talk about what I need you for. ”
He raises his head to look at me and I let out a breath, sitting more upright.

“It’s actually quite unprofessional but I will be needing you to tell me all the thing that a man can do to make a woman happy. ”