March 22, 2023

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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 13

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????{My Boss Demands}????

EPISODE 13. {Gazes.. Heartbeats.. His Demands.}




I stare at him, my brows creased up in confusion as he stares right back at me, his deep blue eye boring into mine and I try not to even think about that right at the moment.

“I don’t understand what you’re trying to say sir. ”
I mutter and he sigh before getting up from his seat and striding over to where I am, but not getting too close to me.

“I don’t know why I thought it would be okay to ask you really but maybe because you’re a lady and it’s a popular thing that ladies understand each other better. ”
He says and I smile before nodding. Glad that he had said that.

“Okay, I’m thankful that you know that saying. Now, what I would be needing your help with is with a lady. And she isn’t just any lady, she is very important to me and I would do anything to make her happy so can you please tell me anything to do think that can make a Lady habit? ”
He says and I don’t know why I just don’t like the fact that he had said that lady is very important to you.

“You go out with different girls and you’re a playboy so why can’t you understand how to make a lady happy when I’m sure that you have used some of your tricks from time to time? ”
I didn’t know when that had dropped and I gasp, covering my mouth with my hand as I quickly bow and apologize.

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“I’m very sorry sir. I didn’t mean to say that, I don’t know what came over me. ”

He chuckles before shrugging. “You’re right about that one thing. Yes, I know the trick to use on ladies to make them happy but just like I had said now, she isn’t just any type of lady to me. She is the most important person to me. ”
Someone he loves? He loves someone and yet, he flirts and go out with different girls that much? This is really surprising.

“Um. Okay. ”
I gulp in, swallowing the lump in my throat before gesturing for him to sit down while I also do the same.

“Well, let’s get started with why you want to make her happy. Had she been feeling sad lately? ”
I raise my brows at him and he shakes his head immediately.

“No, she is always nappy. ”
Seems he’s always watching her, why do I feel so jealous about that? What am I even saying?

“Alright then. If she’s always happy every time then why do you need to make her happy again? ”

“Because that’s how I feel. I want her to be more happier than she is right now. ”
I nod. Who could believe that of all people, Alexander McQueen would be the one to fall in love? This is really surprising.

“Alright then does she have an upcoming birthday or something? ”
I stare at him as his gaze moves away from me to think about what I had asked him.

His skin glows under the dull light of the day and I almost reach out to touch him but I’m quick to compose myself.

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“No, she did her birthday already. ”

“This lady, we are talking about. How is she exactly related to you? ”
I raise my brows at him and he chuckles before leaning over across the desk and staring right into my eyes.

I can feel my own body trembling as he refuses to look away from me and I’m this close to losing myself before I look away from the intensity of his gaze.

“Nosey little thing. Aren’t you? ”
He chuckles and I slightly roll my eyes.

“Well, I have to know what she means to you for me to know just how exactly you can make her happy. ”

“She means my life. My entire life would be nothing without her. ”
He cuts me off before I could even have any other choice to say anything and I gulp in hardly as those words remains glued to my head.

She means my life. My entire life would be nothing without her.

I don’t know why I just suddenly wish that I am that lady he’s talking about.