March 29, 2023

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Royal High. Episode 12

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Royal High️

️️(He was a rogue but she changed him forever)️️

️️Episode 12️️

Prince Justin smiled as he walked past a group of studying girls only for him to bump into Curt…

‘What the…’..His voice trailed off as a heavy punch landed on his recovering nose..


Anabelle paced back and forth biting her nails nervously as she waited outside the station..

Curt and an officer came out minutes later and from the look on the officer’s face one would know that he wasn’t too happy…

‘Last favor Princess Anabelle’..He muttered jerking Curt towards her and she nodded..

‘Thanks Officer Mark’..She said and when he finally left she turned to face Curt..

‘What were you thinking?? Fighting Justin again knowing fully well that he could have your head on a silver platter if he wanted!!’..She yelled and Curt rolled his eyes..

‘Look Anabelle I should be the one asking what’s wrong with you!! For heavens sake he hit you!!!!’..

‘yeah I know but I’m not complaining am I??’..

‘You should be!!! I might be a rogue who smokes weed thinks the world is f**ked up but one thing I would never do is hit a girl!! For heavens sake you’re 20 years old and you’re too young to be experiencing domestic abuse and that dog who calls himself a man should be behind bars!!’..Curt screamed not caring about the passersby..

‘Look Curt you don’t understand…I..I’m okay with this and besides it’s just a bruise nothing else’..Anabelle protested trying to placate the whole situation..

‘Yeah right and I’m a born again’..Curt replied sarcastically..

‘In few years from now you’re going to marry that bastard.Is that what you really want?? Being beaten every single day?? Fine I’m a rogue but I’m not a coward and if going to prison would be my punishment then I’ll live in peace knowing that I broke his nose’..He added straightening his tank top under his jacket..

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He even missed Economics 201 just because he was thrown in jail…

‘Curt please you’ve got to understand that I’m doing this for my family’..Anabelle begged..

‘Then screw you and screw your family!! Here you are judging me for smoking and drinking and all that knowing that you have skeletons in your own cupboards!!!’..He scoffed..

‘Curt you don’t understand cause you’re not a royal and you don’t know what responsibility means!!!’..Anabelle spat out and before she realized the gravity of her words it was too late..

Curt stared at her obviously shocked and at the same time angry..

‘Yeah I don’t know what responsibility means but I sure as hell know it doesn’t involve me getting myself killed by a pompous prince’..