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Royal High. Episode 23

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Royal High️

️️(He was a rogue but she changed him forever)️️

️️Episode 23️️

‘Are you out of your mind?? Anabelle I like Curt also but have you thought this through??’…Tanya asked Anabelle followed the doctor to his office..

‘Look Tanya I know he would do the same for me and i feel like this is all my fault so I just have to do it’..Anabelle replied and she sighed deeply..

Donating blood for someone who you’ve known for weeks??..

It’s just so bizarre to even think about it…

‘Anabelle are you sure about this?’..She asked again..

‘Yes Tanya,yes I’m sure’…


‘We shot him Prince Justin but i don’t think he’s going to die’..Alec said as his other companion went to his own room…

Justin’s head sharply turned around hearing what his minion had to say and scoffed..

‘So what you’re trying to say is that…is that Curt Is still alive??’..

‘No no that’s not what I’m saying I’m just saying he might survive cause the shot was heard from outside’..Alec said..

‘Well why didn’t you use a silent gun?!!’..He screamed..

‘You didn’t give me a silent gun’…Alec confirmed and he shook his head…

This wasn’t a welcoming development…


Hours later Curt’s eyes opened only for him to be welcomed by beeping noise…

His weak eyes went down to see an IV attached to his veins and he sneezed…

‘Ohhh thank God you’re awake’..Someone said excitedly from beside him and when he turned around Anabelle was there on the couch yawning…

‘Anabelle?? What are you doing here??’…He asked..

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‘I’m sorry Curt,it’s my fault you’re here’..She whispered in tears and he smiled..

‘Come here’..he murmured weakly holding her hands and drew her towards him..


‘Shhh’..he whispered and brought her lips down to kiss her softly..

Shocked and surprised her eyes widened but still her lips parted the more..

She doesn’t know about him but she’s sure that she’s in love with him

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