March 22, 2023

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Royal High. Episode 13

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Royal High️

️️(He was a rogue but she changed him forever)️️

️️Episode 13️️

Anabelle bursted into tears as she slammed the door behind her and went down to the ground..

Curt’s right..

She should tell the police but what could she possibly say??..

That her fiancee beats her up??..

The Macademia family is one known for honor and if something like this goes viral then her father was sure to disown her..

Justin had been hitting her for over three months now..

Not like she didn’t tell her parents but whenever she did they always brushed it aside claiming that she’s just doing it so as not to date him..

‘Anabelle??’..She heard from the door and quickly wiped away her tears and walked towards the door..

‘Tanya??’…she murmured in an icy voice trying to hide her tears…

‘I saw that Curt guy and he looked pretty angry and I also heard that he broke Justin’s nose again what happened??’..She asked and I bursted into tears again..

‘He fought with Justin cause of me Tanya,Justin is at it again’..I whimpered and she shook her head…

‘You are also very stubborn Anabelle!! Gosh I can’t even believe you’re still with that Justin guy after all he did to you?!’..

‘You know i don’t have a choice Tanya’..

‘Screw the choice Anabelle!! Report to the cops!! Report to the cops and let him rot in jail!!For heavens sake you’re just 20 years old Anabelle and when you’re finally done with college you’re both going to get married—Is that what you’re going to enjoy for years?? Jesus Christ Princess Anabelle!!’..She said aloud and i sniffed wiping my tears away…

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‘You won’t understand Tanya so let’s not discuss this further’..


The next day Curt walked into lecture hall for a subject called Royal Etiquette or something..

He adjusted his shirt and sat next to Tanya who patted an empty seat.

‘You know you’re not like other princess’s,not even like Anabelle no offence’..I said to her and she chuckled..

‘None taken Curt and besides being a princess is so..’.Her voice trailed off as Justin walked into the class and dropped a bouquet of flowers next to Anabelle..

Curt’s throat tightened as Anabelle smiled and kissed Justin on the lips..

‘Anabelle is so stubborn’..Tanya muttered from beside him..

‘Aren’t you her friend??’..He asked and she shrugged..

‘We just get alon fine and I need someone to tell about my own problems so she’s the perfect candidate for the job but he does this all the time though—Beats her and then buys her flowers!! Pathetic’..

‘Well Anabelle doesn’t want to leave him and honestly I don’t care anymore..I just want to go to class,smoke,drink and then after 4 years I’m out of here’..