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Dream High. Season 2 Chapter 1

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???????????? Like Before Reading, Please ????????????

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???? The Plan (Part 1) ????

An India love action story….

Chapter 1️⃣


Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

From the last Episode;

????️ Writer Pov ????️

“What? No, there has to be another way to get them. I won’t allow you to marry Khan… unless you’ve started developing feelings for him.” Rohan said with a bitter tone towards the end of his statement.

“Seriously Rohan, I really love the way you get jealous, it’s so cute. But you have nothing to worry about. It’s you I love, not him.”

“Let’s assume you get married to Khan, wouldn’t the both of you be sharing the same bed?”

“No, I won’t allow it Rohan. You got to trust me. I promise you, he won’t touch me because we won’t be sleeping on the same bed.”

“And how do you intend to do that?”

“Khan likes, no, he loves me and he is going to do everything I say so that he won’t get on my bad book. We are going to use him to get to the others.” Ashwini answered.

Heaving out a loud sigh.

“And if it doesn’t work out?” Rohan asked again

“Stop doubting my brave plan Rohan and believe in me. We are going to use Khan to get all of them.” Ashwini told him.

“I still can’t remove the thought of Khan holding or touching any part of your body from my head Ashwini.”

“My love, trust me, he won’t touch me. I won’t even give him a chance.”

“I trust you, I just don’t trust him around you.” Rohan said.

“I can take care of myself especially when it comes to Khan.”

“Come on, let’s head back to my car.” Rohan said and they headed back. Once inside the car as Rohan turned on the car ignition, he twisted his head a little to face Ashwini. “Should I drive you home or thead to the party?”

“Please drive me home.” Ashwini replied.

The gatekeeper allowed Rohan in once he recognized Ashwini with Rohan. The house was empty except for them.

“Should I stay with you until they return?” Rohan asked, switching off his car.

“No, you go home. This is between me and my Aunt Mehek. Whatever we discuss I will definitely give you feedback tomorrow.”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to stay?”

“Yes, and do me a favor, stay away from Taru. You don’t want to wake up one morning and see me in jail for killing her, right?” Rohan nodded his head. “So stay away from her.”

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“I don’t have anything to do with her Ashwini.”

“I know, just giving you heads up cus I know Taru too well, she has her eyes on you and will do anything possible to have her way.”

“I won’t cheat on you Ashwini. You are the only woman I love, the only one residing in my heart, there is no space for anyone who is not you.”

“Good because I am not letting you go without a fight.” Ashwini said and got down from his car. “We will chat on the phone hotshot.”

“See you soon beautiful. Let me go back to the party to pick up Amol, I will text him.”

Ashwini stayed and waved her hands when Rohan was driving out of Bobby’s compound.

She left for her room, going to take a long shower as she awaits Mehek’s presence. Her mind going back to what happened to her and her hatred for the king’s and Khan grew.

There are many ways to catch a fish.

One hour later, Bobby arrived with his daughter and wife.

Opening her room door as she saw them approaching. She ignored Bobby and Taru and smiled at Mehek.

“Can I see you for a minute mum?”

“Sure thing honey.” Mehek replied and entered Ashwini room.

Ashwini locked her room door and gestured with her hand for Mehek to follow her to the bathroom, which the older woman did. Getting inside the bathroom, Ashwini locked the door and turned on the shower, the water making noise inside the bathtub.

“What’s going on Ashwini?” Mehek asked, surprised by what Ashwini did.

Facing her, “I remember everything aunt Mehek.”

Mehek’s eyes went wide in shock as she stared at Ashwini.

“I remember who I am now. Rohan took me to the place it all began and that’s where I regained all my memories.” Ashwini explained.

Getting out of her shock state, she quickly pulls Ashwini to a tight hug.

“Finally, the day I have been expecting has arrived. I am so happy you regained your lost memories.” Mehek said over Ashwini ear.

“All thanks to Rohan. No wonder when we first met, I had those blurry images but now I know who they are.” Ashwini said once Mehek had released her hold on her. “I wouldn’t have regained my memories at all if not for Rohan. He has grown into a handsome man, I love him and his body.”

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“I know you love him Ashwini, but I hope it’s not out of pity, don’t think you are the cause of his scars.”

“No Aunt, he is still the Rohan I’d fall for years back and how he looks won’t change my mind about him, besides I have seen how he looks and that made my love for him grow more. He is my moon and there are no scars on my moon.” Ashwini said, smiling, as she remembers the passionate night she had with Rohan. Thinking about it, she can’t wait to do that again with him, only him.

“Good to hear that from you my queen.”

Ashwini nodded her head and closed the toilet lid to sit on it.

“But that’s not why you are here Aunt Mehek. Tell me the truth, how did I survive? I was dead, gone, I know because I felt my spirit leaving me when those bastards keep hitting me, so I want to know how you did.”

“I didn’t do it Aishwarya, it was your mother.” Mehek revealed.

Surprised, “My mother? She is dead aunty Mehek, I got to know about her death on the day of my own death, so how could it be possible or is Meera really my birth mother?”

“No, lady Meera is not your birth mother. Your real birth mother died after she gave birth to you. I know you don’t know this but your mother was a dark witch.”

“A dark witch? How?”

“She was a dark witch who had lived so many centuries, when I was a child, that’s when I heard her name. She was evil and the ancient king’s used her magic powers for their own selfish self. But that changes when she met your father and fell in love with him and your father was able to make her leave her own ways, maybe that’s why she started aging like the rest of us. I started to work in the palace after her marriage with your father. After the death of your sister Ganga, she died because of the magic in her. Your mother decided to remove her magic and kept it somewhere when she was pregnant with you. She told me to bring you there whenever you are in need of great help. And I did that night when I woke up and saw the penthouse burning and we were in.” Mehek finished explaining.

“But how were you able to get past the fake guard and Meera?”

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“I didn’t, the penthouse was built by your father who gave it to your mother as a gift. The penthouse has a secret passageway that will lead you to the door where her dark magic is, and the button to the secret passageway was under the table we were all seated”

“But now everything went along with the fire, right?” Ashwini asked.

“Yes everything, but I think your mother knew what would happen in the future and decided to make another secret passageway, but it’s inside the palace kitchen of Maharaja Palace.”

“Who is Meera?”

“Meera is your mother’s sister who married your father after the Queen’s death.”

“That means Meera will also have dark powers.”

“I don’t know my Queen because I haven’t seen her use one before. I don’t think she has.”

“Oh she has Aunt, if my mother can live many centuries and Meera also lives to see these day, then she has magic.”

“Maybe you are right because I never thought of that, one minute your father was crying over your mother and the next minute he was getting married to her sister. She will be dangerous.” Mehek told her.

“Very, and you said the passageway is in my palace?”

“Yes and Lady Meera live in the palace.”

“Not for long, Aunty. I am taking back what is mine in a grand style.”

“How do you intend to do that?”

“I will be getting married to Khan and with him I will have access to my palace and through him, I will kill everyone who had plotted against me.”

“Did Rohan agree to it? Of you getting married to Khan?”

“Yes, though I made some promises to him to keep.”

“If you think Meera has magic killing her will not be easy my queen.”

“Please, call me by my name Aunt, and I know killing Meera won’t be easy, but then again, she would have known by now that I am still alive, but she didn’t even tonight she didn’t notice me, which means my mother’s magic is protecting me.” Ashwini told her. “When a lion roars then jackals shiver and fall down, I’m someone who puts her hand in the mouth of a lion and counts his teeth.”

“You are truly back, Aishwarya, so what is your first plan?”

“Going to meet Khan first thing tomorrow morning and apologize to him then tell him I have accepted to marry him. Ashwini’s face will get her what she wants but Aishwarya’s heart will do her revenge.”