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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 16

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????{My Boss Demands}????

EPISODE 16. {Sebastian I}




Opening my eyes, my head hurts so much and so terribly but I do realize that I’m placed on a soft material and I’m up immediately when I remember the events of last night.
I had been kidnapped! Oh my god! I had been kidnapped!

Sitting up immediately with panic rushing through me, I stare around the room that I’m in which is a typical girl room by it looks, it seems like it was actually been prepared for someone.

Staring around, my eyes finally lands on the guy that’s sitting for away from me and almost near the door whom has his face buried into the phone that he’s holding.

“I see that you’re finally awake. ”
He mutters without even looking up at me and I gulp in.

“Where am I please? What happened to me? Where is my bag and my car? Why am I here? Why are you guys and what are you done to me? Which right do you have to kidnap someone just like this? ”
I start bantering as I stare out the window and I realize that it’s already broad daylight.
Oh god! I must have slept through the entire last night.

“I have the right to kidnap you baby and please don’t actually call it kidnapping, it’s called bringing you to where I have also wanted you to be. ”
A voice comes from outside and that voice just sounds so familiar. So so familiar.

He walks in, smiling at me and my breathing got caught up on my throat as I stare at him wide eyes and with my heart beating so fast against my chest.

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“You? ”
I exclaims, watching as he signal to the guys that followed him in and the ones that was sitting there before to leave and they did while I stare at him as he walks closer to me.

“Yes. Me baby doll. Didn’t I told you that I would be getting you my way since Alexander had refused to give you to me gently when I had asked of you. ”
He grins, obviously proud of what he has done and I scoff, sitting up straight and crossing my arms against my chest even though my heart is still beating so fast against my chest.

“He didn’t give me to you that because I’m not his fucking property for him to just give and be sure that I’m not yours either for you to just kidnap me when you see fit.
This is against the law of this lands, totally against it and I could have you reported for it. ”
I mutter and he chuckles, shaking his head.

“Oh, no one would be getting reported baby doll cause you wouldn’t be getting out of here. Not now, not never. Not anymore and no one in hell would even try to come here for you cause anyone that tries that would be killed before he even makes it past that gate. You’re mine now baby. You are mine to own and you are mine to touch. You are mine. ”
He smiles before moving closer to me while I move back in shock immediately as I stare at him with fear radiating off my body.

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He chuckles before nodding and standing up.
“Don’t even try of escaping because you wouldn’t make it even past this room. Now if there’s anything that you would like to eat, be sure to tell my man. It would be delivered to you, I have to go now. Doll. Wish me goodluck. ”
He smiles as he walks out of the room while I grimaces as I stare at the door which he had just walked out of.

Oh god. What the hell have I gotten myself into!