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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 17

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????{My Boss Demands}????

EPISODE 17. {Sebastian II}




It has been two days since that girl had refused to show up for work.
At first, I had dismissed it thinking it would be her coming for work late again but that was quickly displaced as she didn’t turn out for work for the entire day.

No call to tell me about what had happened. No texts! Nothing!
The evening of the first day, I had grabbed my phone to call her but she didn’t even pick my call, she can be very daring I see.

It was the second day yesterday and still, she has refused to show up and I’m starting to think that maybe something had happened to her.

I don’t have anyway of knowing where she lives either, I don’t know anyone about her and it has only been just a day since she started working here and I don’t know a fucking single thing about her.

It’s surprising to me just how much I think I care about her. It should probably be because she had helped me with my sister and what she had told me was of a very good use to me but I also known that’s not the only reason I cared about her.

Ever since she walked inside my office that day, with her so innocent brown eyes and her smile. I knew something was going to happen because something had stirred in me that day.

The first thought I had in mind is that I will have to fuck her. I will like to know just how good it feels with her wrapped around me but I still decided to abide by own rules.

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No playing the workers.
No personal relationships with my staffs and besides, I knew that she wouldn’t be that kind of girl.

And yet still, I still find myself thinking about her. Now, I don’t even know what had happened to her and the thought that sometimes bad might have happen to her makes me want to just grab someone.

Staring ahead of me, I sigh as I close the file that I’m holding as the door opens and Diana walks inside.
Diana is one of my bitches and she’s like my main bitch actually.

After our time together, she had refused to let go of me and seriously, I couldn’t get enough of her also because she is so good at making you want her.

“Babe. ”
She smiles at me as she walks across the room to get over to where I’m sitting and I smile at her.
Maybe fucking her would get my mind off Lyla.

“I have missed you so much, I couldn’t make it here yesterday when I arrived at town because I had to go to the girls. ”
Now there’s one disadvantage about her, she just never think to stop talking and telling me of everything that she’s doing even though I have said it repeatedly to her face that I don’t really care.

“It’s okay. ”
I mutter, smiling at her as I get her on my lap and without having to say any words, she knows exactly what to do.

She smiles at me before wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling my head down to attach our lips together.

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I groan against her lips as my hand slowly goes down to her waist while the other one rests on her thighs, slowly pushing away the fabric that she’s putting on.

“God, I have missed you so much. ”
She speaks against my lips as I rub over the lace pant that she’s putting on and when I raise my head down to her, all I see is those brown eyes.

One minute she’s on my lap and I’m trying to give her a orgasm and the second minute, I’m pushing her off me immediately that she stares at me wide eyed.

“Babe, what are you doing? ”
She say, looking very surprised with my action. She should be.

“Get out. ”
I mutter and she shakes her head.

“Babe… ”

“Out! ”
I yell and she scoffs before standing up, staring at me before walking out of the office and I let out a breath.

God, what’s happening to me?!