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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 20

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????{My Boss Demands}????

EPISODE 20. {Saving Her.}




“Alright, thank you very much. I will check this place out. ”
I smile at the lady once again who blushes at my words and nods while I walk out of the company that I never thought I would be settling foot in, at least not for something other than business.

Constructing tech.
But yet, here I am walking back out of the office and into my car because I had been so worried about her that I just couldn’t keep it in anymore.
Something must have definitely happened to her. I know that she can’t just disappear from work without even as much as a call to explain what’s happening and I have tried dialing the number that she put on her resume several times but it never goes through and that’s when I knew that something did happened to her.
If nothing had happened to her then she would have at least picked her phone.

I didn’t know what else to do since I had been foolish not to have asked her of where she lives when she had taken up the job and that’s because I didn’t knew that I would be needing her personal privacy later on.

I had visited constructing tech, knowing that it’s the company that she had worked at for years and they must have more of her personal information possibly than I do.

Walking into the car and starting the engine, the car roars into life and I huff out before driving towards the address the lady earlier had given me, assuring me that it’s where I would find her.

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As I drop in front of the house, I couldn’t help but to be awed by it. It’s a really nice apartment and I can’t imagine that she could have been living alone in it.
I shake my head to get the thought off, no. No matter what, I shouldn’t invade in her privacy and I should know that the only reason that I’m doing this and been so worried is because I’m concerned about my employee, nothing else.

I walk out of the car and walk towards the house, staring at it once again before ringing the bell that’s beside the door. The lights are on which gives me the impression that there’s someone inside.
Could it be her and could it be that she has been alright all these while but had just refused to come to work? Could it be that?

I breathe out and ring the bell once again when there’s no response from inside.
I sigh, staring at the house once again before turning back and about to leave when I hear the opening of the door and I stop right on my tracks.

“What can I do for you? ”
The feminine voice says and it sounds nothing like hers, I knew immediately that it wasn’t her but I turned back anyways.

The girl in front of me with her thick black hair and her brown eyes widen as she takes in my form and open her mouth, probably to say something but nothing is coming out of it.

“Oh my god! It’s Alexander! It’s Alexander! ”
She shouts and another figure runs from inside the house, pushing the earlier girl out of the way and almost knocking her to the ground as she stares at me.

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“Oh my fucking god! It’s actually him! It’s actually Alexander! He’s actually here! ”

“Um, hello. ”
I smile at the girl that just came out and the girl that’s almost knocked to the Flor finally stands up, glaring at the other girl while I just watch them.

“Could you be anymore careful?! You almost hurt me, you freak! ”
The other girl yells while I sigh, watching them.
I think I might be at the wrong address. These two ladies looks nothing like Lyla.

“Oh please. Shut up, it’s not like you got hurt or anything. Stop been over dramatic. ”
The other girl had said and they both start arguing while I just watch. I’m really at the wrong place.

They both suddenly stop at the same time before turning to look at me, with a smile plaster across their face.

“Um, I’m very sorry to disturb you two. I must have missed the address. I’m actually looking for one of my employees and I don’t think she’s here. ”
I smile at them and they just keep staring at me before blinking their eyes. Okay, they are really weird.

“If you’re talking about Lyla then you are not in the wrong place. We are Lyla friends. Please come in. ”
The one that I first saw says and I smile before walking inside.

God, this couldn’t be any more weird that it already is.