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Three Month Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 11

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 11

By : Blessing Arubuola

Kayden’s Pov

I removed my shade and I dropped it on the dressing mirror. It’s so good to be back home.
I quickly unbuttoned my shirts before I plonked myself to the bed.

I missed this bed! I closed my eyes to enjoy the warmness of the bed, it feels so cool and nice.

“Hey Kay. ” Nolan barged in

What the f**k!

“When will you stop this huh? ” I growled at him.

“I’ll stop it when I die. Have you seen the lady your mom bought in? ” He asked me with a seductive eyes.

Huh? A lady?

“When did mom bought in a lady? Well she must be a maid. ” I replied him bluntly and I rested my head on the bed again.

“She is not a maid! I asked the maid that took her to the room downstairs. She was in one of the rooms below your floor.. ”

“What! Those rooms are for guests ! The maids room are on the second floor. Why would mom put her on the fourth floor? ” I asked nobody in particular.

“The maid told me that she’s very beautiful, I really wanna see her for myself. Maybe I should have a taste of her honey pot. ” he said and he licked his bottom lips.


“Get the f**k outta my way. ” I pushed him outta my way and he fell on the bed.

Why would mom bought in a lady without informing me. I just hope it isn’t what am thinking.

I pressed the number in the elevator angrily and I waited for it to get down. Immediately the door opened, I came out of it angrily.

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I walked angrily to the swimming pool to have a look at the rooms. I need to know the room she was in.

After five minutes of standing, a lady finally appeared from the window, she was truly on the third floor and in room 7.


Nolan was saying the truth. I can’t let mom do this to me.

I left the swimming pool, I stormed inside the house and I met mom eating fruit in the relaxing room.

“Mom! ” I called angrily.

“Hey Kay ” she beamed but am not in the mood for that.

“Was she the surprise you have for me huh. ” I asked her with a smirk.

“Yes, did you like it. ”

“Mom! I don’t like it, I hate it! ” I half yelled.

“C’mon,she’s just here to stay with you for three months. She will leave once her mom come back from China. ” She said to me.


“Her mom? ”

“Yes, her mom is my friend and she travelled to China leaving her behind, she left her with me but you also know that I don’t stay here for long. I’ll also be travelling from a country to another so I suggested that she should come here. ” she explained but l ain’t buying the explanation.

“Why would you suggest my place? can’t you put her in a hotel or drop her at an orphanage home since her mom isn’t around. why my place? ” I growled.

“Kay! did you want to go against my wishes? it just for three months. And you can also use her as your fake bride yunno. ” She winked at me.

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“Mom I don’t want her here, even if am looking for a fake bride, did you think I’ll use her for it. I already have a plan on how to take over dad’s company. ” I said to her.

“What plan did you have? ” she asked with curiosity.

“That is non of your business! I want her out of my house today. ” I rasped.

“OK, I’ll take her but I’ll also make sure I drop your picture with the media. They will also see a picture to make jest of. ” she taunted.

Not the pictures!i know she’s gonna blackmail me.

“Jeez!.. ” I groaned angrily.

“One more thing! She will be your shadow from now on. ” she said again, my eyes almost budged outta the socket.

Shadow what!.

“Hell no! I can’t do that. ” I objected before I left her in the relaxing room.

I took the elevator to her floor, I knocked on her door with annoyance.

She opened the door, she was surprised to see me standing.

“Good… ” she stuttered, she was even shaking.

Really! Did mom expects me to use this dummy for my fake bride. I know what mom wants to do.


Riele ‘s Pov

I was surprised to see kayden standing in front of my door. Trust me, my heart has already shifted To my mouth. My whole body was already vibrating .

This is just like a dream, am standing in front of kayden; face to face!.

He is even more handsome in person than seeing him on the television.

“What are you doing here? ” his cold voice jerked me outta my fantasy.

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“I… I…. I” I couldn’t find the right words to say.

I can’t tell him that Mrs Lia sent me to tame his heart for three month.

” My mom sent you to….. ”

Suddenly my heart beat increased. Oh no! Has Mrs Lia told him my mission.

I thought she said we should keep it as a secret or has he know already?