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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 55 (Finale)

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}….

Episode 55
????Grand finale ????

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov .
Everything about kayden came back to me in a flash . Ever since i left him , i couldn’t spend a night without thinking about him not even with his child in my womb .

I never knew that our first night will resulted into pregnancy . After one month of being away from him,i found out that i’m pregnant for him .

It was a joy to me ,that am finally carrying his baby but i was also sad and heartbroken when my decision dawned on me .

.During the five months,my dad has been arrested.i don’t know how it happened maybe Nicolas confessed to the police .
The past five months has been a lonely one for me and isolation months .

Fear of being seen by kayden made me to adjusted to using facemask when going to a public place . I know what he is capable of doing ,he might send his spies after me .

Even with the fact that i love him, i don’t want him to see me because i don’t want to put his life in danger . But amber’s question ? I might accept him because i really missed him .

“Riele,is today’s president entry ? ” Amber jerked me outta of my thoughts .

“What did you mean ” i asked as i made to looked at her .

“Look …” she pointed to the mall’s gate,i traced her finger to the gate and was astonished to see the crowds in front of the mall .

It just like a concert was being held . They were so many ! It looks like they were all trying to reach someone . Even the security couldn’t control them .
Weird! It might a minister .

“Are you sure we pass through them ? ” she asked me with a scoff .

“I don’t think so ,we will have to wait till they are done but before then,i want to stretch my legs and body . The ride has made my bones to be in a cringe ” i said to her and i opened the door to come down from the car .

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“Riele,your mask ” Amber reminded me .

“Let’s keep till we get inside,nobody is watching now . I really need fresh air and moreover my body has changed,isn’t it ?” i asked her in a slothful manner .

My attention can’t be promulgate since everybody is busying trying to reach the unknown person.

I rested my back on the car and i breathed a sigh of relief as the warm breeze penetrate into my skin giving a moment to be forget my worries .

After,a minute i decided to glared at the crowded area and i saw a young guy and woman with securities behind them ,they were walking towards my direction .

huh? Why ?

i squinted my eyes to have a clear picture of their faces and it was ….

Oh my God! Not him ! It was kayden and his mom . At first,i felt tranquil to my spot not until ,they got closer to me and i started recoiling back in astonishment

Oh no! He has found me .

They all stopped in front of me ,trust me ,we were the center of attraction . His mom ran her eyes through my body and was surprised to see my baby bump .

Surprise was also written all over kayden’s face . Good ! an excuse to deny them .

“Riele ?” he called my name with awe.

i quickly dissembled my shock look away from my face .

“Mr kayden,am one of your fans but how did you know my name ?” i asked in pretence .

“Mr kayden ? “His mom called in a perplex tone .

“Wait!did you have a memory loss or what ? and why is your stomach big like this ?” he asked with muddle look .

“No ! I didn’t have a memory lost . And my big stomach is pregnancy,am pregnant for my husband” i lied again hoping he will get convince and leave me alone .

“Husband ? When did you get married within five months ? ”

“Five months ? i …” i was about dropping a lie when amber came out of the car .

“She is still single and she is carrying your baby ” She said in an unruly manner and a gasp escaped from their mouth.

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Oh God!what has she done ? Conniption gripped me that i remained deaf for a minute not knowing what to say .

“Riele,is your sister saying the truth ? ” Mrs venassa asked me as she stood beside me with her hand placed on my shoulder .

i remained diffident that a word couldn’t come out of my mouth .

“I’m saying the truth ” Amber added and i felt like slapping her that moment .

“Mom,get her into the car. We’re going home to discuss this better . ” Kayden announced and he scampered to his car that was parked in front of the gate .

(A week later)
Kayden’s Pov
My happiness was bound control when we finally settled everything . I’m so happy and overwhelmed.Riele is back ,with my child ! .

it was a thing of joy to me . Our first thing resulted into pregnancy !.

I was still thinking when the bathroom door flung opened revealing my beautiful girlfriend .
We’re yet to be married . But the wedding is already planning .We’re getting married soon .

“Hey ” i cooed and i stood up from the bed .

“Hi ” she replied me timidly. Really ?

I counted my step to her,she was still looking sexy even in her position . I don’t why but with what i saw right now,i felt lascivious .

“How’re you feeling now ? ” i asked her as i entwined my hands around her waist .

“Still feeling pain but better from the first time ” she replied me with her face Down .
I couldn’t help it but laughed . I know that she was referring to last night ,well we had our second romantic night yesterday .

“Still tight i guess . It will be dangerous for you and my baby ,let me make it feel better ” i said to her seductively .

She raised up her head to glared at me and i could see the fear in her eyes .
I traced my hand to the tip of her towel and i teased her as i drew invincible line on her body .

I twired her and i hugged her from behind making her to feel my erection .
“It will feel better this time around “i whispered to her and i unloosed her towel .

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A gasp escaped her mouth .

I traced my hands to her big boobs giving it a squeeze and she moaned .
I kissed her ear lobe and she moaned sweetly into my ears .

I turned her around making our eyes to lock. The fear was still on her face . I quickly concealed it up with a rough kiss . During the kiss, i traced my hand to her V and i inserted two fingers into it .

(See them ???? , They are already smiling )

Months L

“Should we go now or wait for mom ?” i asked kian and rhianna as they giggled at the back seat .

The babies replied me with lot of giggles .

“They’re here ” My mom announced to me and i raised my head to see Riele,amber and my bay with them .

Riele was carrying Kelly ,while amber helped her with her long floor sweeping gown .

“she deserved those time ” My mom complemented and i nodded my head . The make up looks really good on her .

The driver opened the car door for them and they all came in “.

“Sorry that we’re late. It was kelly that delayed . He kept carrying that i had to breast Feed him . ” She explained and handed kelly to mom who placed him beside his siblings;Kian and rhianna .

“I understand ,he took after his father ” Mom teased and we bursted into laughter .

“But Rhianna took after me,don’t you see our striking resemblance ” Amber said and we chuckled .

“Then kian Resembled my mom and riele ” I added and they laughed .

“Let’s go,we’re already late for the concert ” I said to the driver and it started driving .

“I hope nolan nd dylan won’t be angry that we’re late to their baby shower program ” Amber asked .

“he will understand that triplet aren’t easy to take care of ”
Riele added and we all laughed .


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