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Three Months Stay With Mr Popular. Episode 53 and 54

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 53

By: Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov
I got down from the car immediately it stopped in the compound ,amber also did the same . We started walking but was stopped by kayden’s deep voice .

“Riele …” He called me back .

I waited for him while amber walked on .

“Thanks for saving me again ” i appreciated and i saw him smiled .

“You’re welcome and i’ll do anything to make sure that you are save ” He assured and took a short pause before he continued .

“Will you like to sleep in my room or yours…”

“Mine will be ok ” i chipped in with a rush .

“Ok,i just wanted to tell you that am gonna leave the house very early tomorrow ,i’ve a show and am gonna spend two days there ” He stated ,i felt sad and happy at the same time

“Ok,take care of yourself tomorrow . Good night ” i waved at him and i left him .

I know that he will felt disappointed at my attitude but i just have to do it ,i’m leaving tomorrow .
I entered the room and met amber dressing up , i guess she just Had her bath .

“Rielr,are you alright ?” she asked me as i sat down on the bed .

“Yes,i’m fine …Amber ,start packing your loads,we’re both leaving tomorrow morning ” i announced to her .

“But why? When did you thought about this ?” she asked me prudently

“i thought about it now and am leaving because am tired of leaving here,i’m tired of putting kayden in trouble everytime ” i explained to her hoping she would understand .

“Riele,that isn’t an excuse that will make you to leave the man you love ” She said to me .

“A man i love but i don’t love if he me back,and moreover,my three month will soon be over and they is no agreement that am staying here forever ” i replied her huskily .

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“But ri…..”

“Amber ! Don’t argue with me ,am your sister and my decision is final ! ” i half yelled at her .

I huffed due to the way i yelled at her . I could see in her reaction that she is shocked at the way i yelled at her . .

“Riele…” She tried to called me again

“Start packing !” i said to her icily and i laid down on the bed with my eyes closed .

i can’t let anybody to persuade me or change my mind . It has been finalized by me .
I woke up as early as possible,amber has packed her things and so i . When we were done with dressing , i called mrs venassa .

☎️Good morning ma
i greeted her when she picked the call .

☎️Morning ,riele . How’re you doing ? I heard what happened ,hope your sister is save now ?
she asked and i muttered a yes to her .

☎️I’m calling to inform you that am leaving .

☎️What ! leaving ? why ? is the three month over and has he fell in love with you ?

☎️The three month is almost over and i don’t know if he has fell in love with me . I just want to leave,i’ve an urgent call

☎️But,i should be the one to decide your leaving

☎️I’m really sorry ma,it was an urgent call
i lied to her .

☎️Hmm,ok ! Thank you for all you have done . I’ll send some money into your account now .

☎️You don’t have to do that ma
I objected immediately

☎️No,don’t worry about it , you deserved it .

☎️Thank you ma,Good bye
I said and i ended the call .

Minute after,my hidden phone beeped . She has already sent it . I tapped to read the message and i was surprised to see millions of dollars in my account .

Wow!at least my work has been paid off and i can use this to start a new living .

“Let’s go ” i said to amber whose face was looking languid and warily . I don’t care for now ,all i want is to leave here ASAP .

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Before we left the house, i dropped a note for him in his room . The note consist my feelings and my reason for coming to his house .

Even with the fact that i was trying to act strong i still cried . Leaving kayden is the hardest thing for me but i don’t have a choice . I need to save him and my life .

If we want peace,we should stay off from each other . I’m so sorry kayden but know that i did it for love and i love you .

“I love you Kayden ” i whimpered In tears and i rested my head on Amber’s shoulder .

She has understand my predicament and she consoled me . I didn’t even used his cars,i went out to board a bus .

I don’t want him to know where i live ,i don’t want . …


????Three Months Stay
With Me Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 54

By : Blessing Arubuola

Kayden’s Pov
Five Months later

I glared out through the window with my hand in my pocket ,thinking about how i’ve lived my past five months without Riele beside me .

It was so painful and heartbroken for me . I remembered the day I came Back from my concert and I couldn’t find Riele and found a note in my room written by her .

I read the letter with pains in my heart . I learnt so many things in the letter .

Nicolas was right , My mom was the one that sent her to me . She sent her to me for three months .

Like seriously?
Why can’t they agreed on a year contract

Now ,her contract was over, she left me when her mission was accomplished, she wanted me to fall in love with her and now I am ,madly in love with her .

With she did was heartbroken,she left without dropping her address or any thing I could use as a form of contact to her .

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I was still thinking when I heard a squeaked made by my door .

I didn’t bother to turn around because I already knew who it was .

“Sir,i’ve found her house …” He dropped the message I have been waiting to hear for the past five months .

“Really ? ” I repeated and I turned around to glared at him .

“yes sir , she’s living in the next town and in one of the prestigious estate but never make her identify known to the world”He added .

Thank Goodness !

“you can drop the address, thank you “I said to him and he left when he dropped the address on my table .

Thank Heavens !
I’ll soon be back with my Riele?

I couldn’t even think right again as I started to packed . I’m done for the day .

I was still packing when my door flung opened revealing my mom,gorgeously dressed as usual . She was smiling radiantly .

“hey son “she cooed ,giving me a side hug .

“You look nice mom ” I complimented her .

“Thank you son. ” she replied me and she ran her eyes all over my body .

“The company’s life is already fitting but it would have been better if you were to be full possession in all of your dad’s company ….but I don’t why you’re stubborn,I told you to take a second girl as ur girlfriend. …..”

“I don’t need that because I’m going to pick the woman I loved .” I cut her off as I started walking closer to the door .

“Don’t tell me that you’re going to Riele’s ” she asked with a furrow .

“Yes mom . if you don’t mind ,you can also follow me ” I said to my mom and I left the office .

Oh gawd! Cant wait to see my riele . i pressed the number of the last floor and while I was waiting .

My mom joined me . wow! She would have missed her too …



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