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My Bethroded. Season 2 Episode 4

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???? My Betrothed ????
???? Our love story ????

Season 2

Episode 4
By Simrah Saeed

???? Alexa ????

” What the hell is going on here? Have you both met before?”

I asked them as they both stared at each other.

Brandon didn’t say a word. He just stared at her without blinking an eye.

” Jenna? ” Jane called….

Jenna broke the eye contact with him before glancing at us.

” He’s the one ” she said faintly….
He’s the one? How?

” J… Jenna, I can explain ” Brandon managed to say while Zach and Eric watched the drama

” Explain what exactly Brandon? Where’s my baby?” She yelled

Okay! Now I understand…

” Brandon?” I called unable to believe this. …

” Alexa, I…I can explain this”

” Explain what?” Jane jumped on him giving him another slap.

Wow! Today’s his day.

” Okay, what’s happening?” Zach asked sitting down like this isn’t bothering him .

” You left with my baby, where’s my baby Brandon where’s she?” Jenna asked tearfully….

Brandon crease his forehead in frustration.

Oh well, Jenna gave birth while in the University .

They both didn’t attend the same University and so Jenna stayed for a year without coming for holidays.

I bet if their parents knows about the baby.

It was for Brandon although I didn’t met them then .

But I don’t actually know what happened and this Brandon ran away with the baby, now he says he can explain?

If I am the one , I ought to be angry too.

Three years of been separated from your daughter.

Why did he even do that?
I guess this turned Jenna into a more quiet person because nothing in life interests her anymore.

” Where’s my baby ” she said and hit him on the chest….

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” Calm down Jenna, he’s here now. Just give him a chance to explain please ” I said.

Brandon gave me a small smile in form of thank you but I glared in return.

He seems to be cool and collected but why did he do that?
He didn’t tell me he have a baby as a friend.

It’s absurd….

(Written by Simrah Saeed)

” Maybe we should excuse you ” I said holding Zach up while I urged Jane to come with us but she rather went out.

They are so concerned about each other gosh!


” Wifey ” Zach called and held me by the waist while I rolled my eyes.

” If you can let your friends settle their dispute, can you please give me a second chance by forgiving me? Not as your lover but your friend. Please forgive me Alexa”

” I am truly sorry, I truly am. It was that bitch Audrey that pushed me into it because she wanted to get at you, I am sorry”

Eric pleaded and I scoffed.

” What you said doesn’t make any sense to me Eric, at all. No one control your mind so stop blaming your stupidity on someone else. ”

” You ruined me did you know that? ” I snapped and he kept quiet.

Zach patted my bag signaling me to chill .

I can’t just hide how I feel right now, I just can’t.

I can’t forgive Eric for the pain he caused me.

” I am sorry Alexa, I regret my actions ”

” I can’t forgive you Eric, I can’t”

” Alexa ” Zach called calmly. He took my hand into his and I can feel the impulse .

There’s a certain electricity that flows through me when he took my hand into his…

I glanced at him and looked away immediatetly feeling nervous all of a sudden.

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” He’s really sorry, forgive him for my sake and the fact tha he’s my brother please ” he begged.

” Zach…”

” Please Alexa” he persuaded

” Did you know how I survived the heartbreak?”

I asked? He shook his head.

” I might not know how you survived it but I can feel how it is to be heartbroken but everyone deserves a second chance right?” He said…

But seriously! Zach has really changed a lot.

Is he the one giving advice to me on forgiveness? Zach? Wow!

” Please forgive us ” he added.

Well, we haven’t sort things out between us two.

I sighed loudly looking at Eric.

” Fine, I forgive you”

I wanted to ask about Audrey but it’s nothing that has anything to do with me right?

” Thank you so much Alexa” he said and was about hugging me but Zach stopped him.

” She said she has forgiven you now, you must not hug her ” he said possessively while we laughed…

” It’s not bad hugging a friend right?”

” No, but that friend is taken” he glared while I chuckled.


” Okay okay, I think I will leave you both to discuss while I wait downstairs ” he said and left.

” Hey” Zach called staring intently at me.

” Hi ” I replied shyly

” How are you?”

Okay! This is awkward.

” I am very well fine”

” I can see that, your beauty keeps radiating ”

” Zach…” I called literally red.

” That’s the truth Alexa, you look beautiful”

” T… thank you”

” So”

” So?”

” Have you thought about it?”

Uhhm, I shook my head shyly and nodded….

” I guess it’s a yes ” he said….

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I looked away timidly while he chuckled. ….

” Thank you Alexa ”

He said planting a soft kiss on my lip….

” Awww, so romantic ”

Goodness! Mum! When did she come in?

” Mum” I called hiding my face in Zach’s arm.

This is so embarrassing!

” Good evening mum” Zach greeted…

” Well lover boy, I can see you are very fine so let me not be the kill joy here. Enjoy yourselves” she said and walked up to her room.

” Where did you want me to take you to tomorrow?” He asked…

” First, a book shop. I want to get a novel. DADDY’s LITTLE SPOILT BRAT and SHE’S THE BOSS ”

” Both by Simrah Saeed. I so much love her strories ” I said excitedly

” She’s your favorite I guess”

” Of course, her novels are inspiring. I am sure you will love them if you read one ” I encourage while he narrowed his eyes.

” You know I am not a fan of stories”

” Then you are boring Zach ugh !”

I said and he chuckled.

” So after then?”

” Maybe to the Mall ”

” To shop for our wedding right?” He said.

I smacked his shoulder and he began laughing.

It feel so good to be in love with the right person.

If anyone told me earlier that Zach will change to be this calm, I could have hit the person so hard for uttering such.

He believed he can never change but he miraculously proved me wrong.

Within this space of a month, I practically fell for him even with his flaws.

” Can I?” He asked.

I stared confusedly at him.

” W..what?” I replied nervously.

” I just want a kiss” ……


Love oh love….

I know it’s short guys ???? .
Pardon me….