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My Bethroded. Season 2 Episode 8

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???? My Betrothed ????
???? Our love story ????

Season 2

Episode 8
By Simrah Saeed

Final episode/ epilogue.

???? Alexa ????

” Can you please let me dress up Zach, we are getting late for the event ” I said releasing myself from his grip but his hands are way too stronger than all my powers …

Well, I been two months Zach and I got married .

Jenna and Brandon did a small wedding last month.

As for Jane! I think she likes Eric but they’re both not planning on it yet but I am sure there’s a chemistry between them.

I believe they will surely end up together.

” I told you I won’t allow you to dress up if you don’t serve me ” he replied kissing my neck.

Is he really serious right now? He just don’t want us to attend the event like he’s been saying.

” I thought we just ate?” I asked staring at him.

” I am not talking about that, I am hungry for something else baby ” he said

” Something like, egg and sauce? Cheesecake, ma….”

” Nooo” he cuts in.

” Then what? ” I asked

” You know it’s been a while since we had sex, I want you baby ” he said huskily. .

Seriously? So the spirit of sex just came now that we want to go for a charity event?

” Let’s go and come back first” I said trying to push him away but simply couldn’t.

Instead of getting an answer, I was thrown on the bed….

” Zach ” I called laughing

I totally forgot that the man I married is a bipolar……

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I nervously waited for Zach to come back from work.

I don’t know how to break this news to him, I am anxious to tell him about it and the same time nervous and scared.

What if he says it’s too early to start having babies?

Gosh! I am so confused right now, I just hope he welcome the news when I tell him that I am three weeks gone. …

I heard his car honed and I jumped up trying to act normal. I rubbed my hands together calming myself.

” Hey baby” I said hugging him while he planted a kiss on my forehead.

” I missed you ” he said as I remove his suit.

” It’s just few hours ”

” I still miss you ”

” Okay, go freshen up while I serve your food and again, I have a gift for you” I said pushing him into the bathroom.

” Really? ”

” Yeah baby ”

Minutes later…..

” Hope you aren’t playing a trick on me Alexa? I haven’t forgotten that you are very mischievous ” he said and I began laughing.

I ain’t mischievous again, I have changed..

” Just check it out ” I urged him to open the surprise….

He looked into the shopping bag and glanced at me…

” A t-shirt? ” He asked and I nodded..

I hid my face in my palms as he brought out the shirt trying to get the caption.

” LATEST DADDY ” he read out the caption and his face brighten up.

I sighed in relief seeing him elated. I thought he wasn’t going to like the idea.

” Did you mean that you are pregnant?” He asked ..

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I nodded shyly and looked away….

The next thing I noticed was being carried up.

” Yes! We are pregnant! I am going to be a father , we are going to be parents! Thank you so much Alexa” ….. ……..






???? Epilogue ????

Two years later…….

” I don’t want to eat mummy, I am not hungry ” Molly my baby girl said pouting..

” What did you want then?” I asked ruffling her hair

” I want us to go see Evan, mummy please” she pleaded.

Well , Evan is Jane and Eric’s son. She gave birth last three months and Molly won’t let me rest all the time. …

She spent half of last month at their place. She so much love babies and her own baby brother is on the way…..

Zach really a good goal scorer!

” Okay, I will take you there only if you agree to eat or I will call Leo ” I said

” No! No mummy I will eat, I don’t want Leo to come here ” she said and I burst out laughing.

Leo is Jenna’s son. He’s just a month older than her but I don’t know what’s between them…

The last time I asked Molly, she told me she’s shy of him. Goodness! What did she know about shyness? As small as she is?

” What did I miss?” Zach said coming in…

He dropped his brief case and drew me closer to him giving me a soft kiss forgetting Molly is here with us…

” Aww, daddy my eyes ” she said using her tiny hands to cover her face…. She’s so cute and adorable…

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” Come give daddy a hug baby girl”

He picked her up tickling her while she giggled.

” How was your day?” He asked her while I left to bring her food.

” It was fine, can I asked you a question daddy?”

Okay! This sounds interesting, I stopped just to eavesdrop.

” Yes ask ”

” Why is mummy’s stomach big?”

Oh my goodness! So it’s about me? Really?

” Oh that? You want a brother right?” He asked

” Yes daddy , I will take him to school and show him to my friends ”

” Okay then, your brother is in mummy’s stomach ” I heard her gasped and I burst out laughing….

She doesn’t understand that….

” How? Why isn’t he coming down?” He asked again.

Zach sighed loudly…

” He will come out when the time is due Molly ” he replied putting an end to it….

I just couldn’t stop laughing.
They are my family, I am so much grateful for them.

I couldn’t have asked for anything or anyone better than Zach. .
He’s my everything….

End ????????????????????.