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Three Month Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 12

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 12

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov ????

My heart started throbbing fast. What will I say? Has his mother told him about my mission?.

“It was… ” I wanted to talk but was stopped with his thoughts _yea because that’s what he thought.

“I know that my mom deliberately sent you here to keep a watch on me. ” he said

“What? ” I raised a brow.

“I know that’s why she sent you here but you’re just no match for me. ” he huffed and I almost laugh.

So that what he thought . Jeez! I almost had an heart attack.

“No… ” I tried to defend myself but he won’t just gimme a moment to talk.

“I don’t want you in my house, but for the mean time you will stay ; because I’ll still throe you out. Stay on your lane. Don’t you dare come near me OK! ” he half yelled, I flinched with the way he yelled.

Immediately he finished pouring down his angry words, he left.


That was rude and mean! I can’t believe that he is the reason why am here. The number one rule Mrs Lia stated for me was that _i shouldn’t tell kayden the real reason I’m here.


I can’t believe am doing this. Can I really make him love me? I can’t even stand straight in front of him, I was trembling in front of him.

This is one difficult mission!

I heaved a sigh of relief inward before I went in back.

It wasn’t up to a minute that I closed the door when a knock came on my door.

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“Who’s that? ” I asked with tautness sounding in my voice.

“it’s the maid ma, Mrs Lia sent me to you. ” I heard the maid’s tiny voice.

Mrs Lia???

“Come in. ” I beckoned to the door and the door opened with a funny sound.

She was carrying a tray on her hand, she walked closer to my bed and she dropped it on the bed .

“Mrs Lia sent this food to you and this.. ” she bought out a small paper from her apron and she handed it to me.

“Mrs Lia sent this to me? ” I repeated and she nodded her head.

“Did you need anything else? ” she asked

“I’m fine for now, you can go. ” I said to her ,she bowed her head before she left.

Why did Mrs Lia sent a letter to me?

Well, I’m not surprise since the second rule stated that I can’t use my phone. So am only left with a tablet that doesn’t have a SIM card but I can only have access to internet.

Trending technology!

Even with the access I’ll to internet, she blocked almost my friends including amber. I can only view the News feed but I can’t answer messages.

Crazy mission with crazy rules!

I shrugged before I opened the small paper.

“Riele, I hope you’re already getting use to him?Well,it’s still your first day. I know that you won’t come out to meet and I can’t too because I don’t want Kay to have weird thoughts….. ”

I giggled when I read that part ” he has already had a weird thoughts ” I said to myself.

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“Kay will be having a swimming pool party to celebrate his return. And this is will be one out of your numerous mission. You will be attending the swimming pool party….. ”

“I will? ” I exclaimed.

“And I want you to be dress in a bikini wear. I’ll still be around but am not gonna come out. So till then, I wish you success. ”

“What! ” I exclaimed immediately I finished reading her letter.

How did she expect me to be dress in a bikini wear. I’ve not done that before. How will I expose all my body just because I want to make a man fall in love with me.

This is absurd! I can’t dress in bikini wear, not even In a party!.


Suddenly my eyes drafted to the tray in front of me. Out of curiosity I opened the covered plates and I was delightful.

without wasting time, I started doing justices to the food.



The sun rays glinted Into my eyes and I woke up still feeling sleepy .
I can’t believe it’s morning already. I yawned tiredly before I stood up from my bed. I dragged my feet to the window glass.

I smiled radiantly, this is the kind of room I loved. To see the sunlight from my room without going out.

I looked down and I saw people arranging foods and drinks on a table. The party!

Wow!Everywhere has been decorated. I can’t even believe am gonna attend the party in a bikini wear.


The party has already started! I watched the bikini Mrs Lia sent to me.


I’m not wearing this! The bikini pant was a G_ string pant while the bra was a half bra. It can’t even cover the quarter of my breast because my breast is big.

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And my butts are also big. I can’t wear this nonsense!.

I walked angrily to the window and I saw that the party was already grooving with music and people.

Many celebrities were there!.

Dylan ; my favourite diva dancer

I can’t even name them all. All the ladies were all dressed in bikini wear .

I used my eyes to scanned the people hoping that I would see Kayden but he was nowhere to be found.

I can’t go down with the bikini Mrs Lia sent to me. Never!


I tried to manoeuvre my way through the crowds but it seems impossible. I just want to seat somewhere so that Mrs Lia can see me where ever she was.

“Hey sexy. You look nice! ” A guy winked at me.

“Get the f**k away from me. ” I shoved his hand away from me body.

“C’mon! ” he winked again. I trued to withdraw my hand from his tight ,he finally left my hand but it was too late because I ended up falling inside the pool.


I can’t swim!.

Help me! ” I yelled and everybody turned to look at me but nobody pay attention to me.


I’m drowning!

Suddenly I felt a hand on my waist.