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Billionaire’s Doctor. Episode 32 and 33

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????The Billionaire’s
(He hates women????)

Written ✍???? by Eunice Nwodu ????

Episode 32

???? Kira’s pov ????
My eyelids flickered open and I looked around the room.


It’s morning already!!

I sat up on the bed and took my eyes to my finger.
Where’s the ring?

No…don’t tell me I was dreaming.

Was it all a fu’king dream???

The bathroom door opened and Mr Adam walked in.

Oh my God!
He had a towel around his waist below and his wet bare chest glittered before me. He wore a gold pair of bathroom flip flops.

I blinked rapidly trying so hard to remove my eyes from this demi god.

He sighed and i awoke from my wild thoughts and little dreamland.

Speaking of dream…

“Good morning” I mumbled rubbing my eyes.

He came to me and placed a kiss on my left cheek.

“Morning babe” He replied and soon his eyes dropped to my legs.
“How’s your legs?” He asked and my cheeks flushed instantly.

I suddenly realized my v has been sore and hurting a bit.


I can’t believe I cried after we were done. It was quite painful and I’d guess it was because I was still tight down there.

“I’m fine now” I replied pulling the duvet up to my neck so it’d cover up my body properly.

He smirked and got up.

“Your ring…it’s on top of the drawer. I figured you would feel uncomfortable sleeping with it” He stated and I mouthed an ‘oh’…

“Thanks love” I muttered and he smiled.

“That felt really good to hear babe” He besumed wistfully.
He turned and headed for the wardrobe which was one of a kind.

“Am going to meet the doctors working on a cure to Brandon’s illness” He breathed out.

“I should go with you then” I chipped in getting off the bed using the duvet to cover my n*ked body.

“No” He dead panned and I paused staring at him curiously.
“You don’t have to”.

“Am his doctor Adam. I need to be there!” I rasped running to the bathroom.

“You have exactly 10 minutes to get dressed and join me in the car or am leaving you behind” He said sternly and I gulped.

I quickly rushed into the bathroom and scurried to the shower.
As I washed myself, I thought about the tone Adam spoke to me with earlier.
He sounded so mean and bossy.


Am going to marry that man and live with him…forever!

Besides, he did reveal to me that he loves being mean and strict.

I have to endure it cause am sure I’d get used to it.
I love him…

????An hour later????
We arrived at the exquisite building and it seemed to be a private hospital….a very private hospital.

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I’d call it for wealthy people only..

We proceeded into a large room that was more like a conference room.

Four men in a white coat sat on a long chair together and funny enough, they all wore glasses.
I guess they’re the doctors.

Adam and I got close enough and they all stood up throwing greetings to us but Adam gave them cold shoulders as he only took his seat and I followed suit.

The doctors sat down and silence went across the room for a while.

“Tell me how your research went and believe me, am in no mood for disappointments” Mr Adam said in a hoarse voice and they nodded simultaneously.

“There’s a cure sir…we found a cure and have ran tests on three children.

“It was successful but expensive. The specialist that worked with us has everything ready for Brandon’s test and then mode of operation” One of the doctor said and handed him some documents.

We looked into it and read the details.


This seems interesting????

“What do you think babe?” Adam asked and I smiled.

“This should work…am sure!” I beamed taking the papers from him.

I’ve heard of this therapy and it’s similar to what I’d studied.
So…it means Brandon can be free from those seizures and health issues.

Thank God!

My baby boy’s gonna be free…!
Mr Adam and I returned to the car and luckily, there was no paparazzi or any crazy folk around…

“Brandon’s school is reopening soon. I’d want you to help him get his things together today.

“I have to drop by the office babe” He informed and kissed me before turning on the ignition.

“Alright…We’ll hire a driver that’d take him to school and back..right?” I said drumming my fingers on the dash board.

He scoffed.

“No…Am putting him in a boarding school for boys”.


Why????!!” I asked alarmed.

“Because I want him far away from me” He replied with a scoff.

“No way Adam. There’s no way you’re taking my son to a place that could easily turn him to a gay” I retorted sounding possessive.

He chuckled and I hit him on his arm.

Wait…did I just do that??
What is wrong with me???

“Am sorry…”

“I knew it!…you’d be trouble when you become heavily pregnant” He remarked and I rolled my eyes.

“Stop saying that” I pouted and he smiled.

Oh please…he shouldn’t stop smiling even for a second.
He’s extremely cute!

“So..about Brandon. He’s staying with us, right?” I asked and he sighed.

“Yeah” He replied perfunctorily and I beamed.

“Thank you love!” I squealed and hugged him.
“Ma’am, am driving…” He groused and I held him tighter.

I don’t want anyone to take me away from Brandon.
He’s special to me and I loved him right from the day I met him at the hospital.

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But am curious.
What happened to his mother? Why does Adam act so mean towards him? Isn’t he his son??
I need answers…since am his wife.

I should know.
I deserve to know.






????The Billionaire’s
(He hates women????)

Written ✍???? by Eunice Nwodu ????

Episode 33
Three months later
???? Kira’s pov ????
I rolled and rolled on the bed until I felt Adam’s side – sweet natural fragrance and manly.

I sat up on the bed and opened my eyes after rubbing them for what felt like forever.

As expected, Adam wasn’t in the room and I’m curled up in silence under the lukewarm duvet.
I felt my barely baby bump and I’m left smiling broadly.

Three months gone carrying my little unborn child. I can’t wait to face motherhood.

What am I saying??
I’ve already achieved that.


The operation was done before the wedding and he’s all well now – for now.

We’re still looking out for any side effect that came with the drugs given to him during the operation.

The shriek noise of the door opening dragged me back from the brink of wild thoughts.

He walked in a green towel that had my name stitched on it…sophisticatedly.
He was wet and seemed to have stepped out from the bathroom not long ago.

He was quiet as he came to the bed.

“Don’t tell me you had your bath at the guest room – again” I stated with a gulp.

He smiled and leaned closer placing a kiss on my neck.
“I didn’t want to wake you up” He muttered with a gentle and calm voice.

I smiled and went ahead to kiss him. He gradually trailed closer and soon, he was on top of me.
He spread my legs and positioned himself in between them.

Argh…it’s too early for this.

He dragged my p*nt and pulled it off from my v and made sure he passed it through my legs.

He dropped his face down there and licked on it. I shivered and he I felt him smirk…yes, he did.

He removed the straps of my nightie and cupped my right bo**. He fondled and squeezed while I shut my eyes.

He poked me with his s*I*k and I stared at him breathlessly. He was hard and his pokes were violent.

He guided himself into me before pounding harshly.
My screams filled the entire room as he destroyed my pu*s*.
????Jade’s pov????
A grin appeared on my face as I ended the call with the thugs.

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Am back.

Back to deal with my enemies one by one and someone is first on list already.

????Kira’s pov????
I finished up the austere homework and closed the notebook.
I grabbed Brandon’s school bag and forced the book and pencil inside.


I need to be quick!

“Are you done?” Brandon asked with his mouth filled with bread crumbs.

I shook my head showing him I was displeased with him not doing his homework the previous day.

The kitchen door opened and Adam worked in.

Hew! Thank God am done with the homework.

He looked ready for work in a red suit and I must admit…His good looks gets me every time.

He brushed his slightly as he walked to me. He placed a quick kiss on my cheek and I smiled.

“I won’t be so early from work today. We’re having lots of meetings and visits from different endorsers. I’ll be as busy as a bee” He stated with a doleful look.

“Uh…Alright then” I muttered pouring some tea into a porcelain cup. I paused and took my eyes back to him.

“Are you going to have breakfast before leaving?” I asked with a flaccid voice.

He shook his head abruptly.
“No. I need to leave now. Take care of yourself and the baby…” He said huskily before turning to Brandon.

“Bye dad” He muttered.
Adam nodded squinting his eyes at him.
“There’s no need to pretend you two. I know you didn’t do your homework yesterday.
Get yourself ready for your punishment tonight” He sneered and walked out of the kitchen.

“Oh no mom…he knows!!” Brandon quivered from the other side of the table and I shot him a stare.

“So what? I’ve told you countless times to stop leaving your homework undone till the next morning but you never listen” I groused rolling my eyes.

He wore a frown as he got down from the stool he was sitting on.
I took his bag and he held my hand before I walked him out of the house. I helped him into the SUV that takes him to school and the driver took off.

I turned and scurried back into the house. I walked past the large living room and my eyes met with the extra large wedding portrait of Adam and I.

How fast it all happened took me by surprise. And believe me, there was so much crowd and paparazzi around during that day – the whole world came to see a once called gay billionaire get married to a She-male.????????


I sighed as I took a seat resting my back.
An hour later
I jerked from sleep the minute I heard my phone ringing..
I looked into it…it’s just a number.

Who…who could it be??